Using a drug in an extra-label manner for estrous control and synchrony doesn't comply with these requirements, which state that for food-producing animals, a veterinarian must carefully diagnose a medical condition and any drug he or she prescribes in an extra-label manner must be for a therapeutic use (to treat, control, or prevent a disease). Instead, she's "anestrus," which is sometimes described as being “acyclic.” Right after a heifer or cow calves, it’s normal for her to be anestrus for a short period of time. Utilization of Dried Distillers Grains for Developing Beef Heifers (PDF 108KB). Did you notice any other bulls in your pasture? If Progesterone is high 21 days after breeding the cow 'should' be pregnant. After puberty, a heifer continues to have regular estrous cycles every 21 days (the normal range is every 18 to 24 days). I have worked with producers where they have fed close to 1/3 of the diet being distillers on a dry matter basis to beef cows and they have not reported any negative effect on reproduction. If long acting corticosteroids are followed by short acting corticosteroids or prostaglandins 7-12 d later, most cows will calve 2-3 d after the second injection. If the egg isn’t fertilized or the early embryo fails to develop, the uterus releases the hormone prostaglandin F2-alpha around Days 16 to 20 of the estrous cycle. Pregnancy rate to FTAI was significantly higher (P=0.0051) in cows treated with Fertagyl (33.4%) than the pregnancy rate to FTAI to cows treated with saline (17.8%). The last wave occurs later in the estrous cycle when the progesterone level is low. 1. A lot of the diets that I see for these females after calving is often deficient in energy. Cows carrying bull calves tend to have a slightly longer gestation compared to cows carrying heifer calves. Following reports provide examples of research where distiller was a part of the supplement and we recorded the impact on cow and calf performance. In general, cows will get steady with each year. Instead, it will regress and allow another wave of follicles to emerge. If cows are in good body condition at calving, then the PPI would be in the 45 to 50 day range and if in poor condition, the PPI would be longer. (Figure used with permission from Current Conceptions, Inc. from Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition, 3rd ed.1 Image cannot be reprinted in any other publication in hard copy or electronic form without written permission from Current Conceptions, Inc.), The Follicular Phase: Waves of Ovarian Follicles. I most cases, at least for beef cows, I can't think of many feeding situations where you would need to feed more than 1/3 of the diet being distillers. Bovine - DEXAMETHASONE INJECTION 2 mg/mL - 5 to 20 mg intravenously or intramuscularly. The .gov means it’s official.Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Some FDA-approved animal drugs are available for use in estrous control and synchrony regimens for cattle (see Table 1). Separate non-pregnant cows by age. It is used to protect the mother and baby against infection both before and after delivery. We have not conducted research investigating the effect of feeding distillers to beef cows where the distillers may be 1/3 of the diet or more on a dry matter basis. A shorter breeding season, especially in drought conditions, could result in more open females. If the majority of the opens are old cows.......then you may have kept them to long. Following is a NE Beef Report on using distillers grains in heifer development diets. Remember that a cow must have progesterone be pregnant. The Land. Here's a check list for you to help evaluate the reproductive performance of the herd. These considerations are all for not if the cows have not been managed properly from a nutritional perspective. The company’s marketing communications related to the drug to make sure the information is truthful and not misleading. Is there any way to prevent so many open cows? Early in the estrous cycle, when the progesterone level is high, the dominant follicle will not ovulate. If one year, a cow has an infant at about 39 weeks, the next year she will have it at 39 weeks, exactly one year later.

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