Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Because these card meanings touch and resonate deeply with me. I never bought anything from Alana Fairchild and although I had many tarot and oracle decks in my shopping cart, this one kept drawing me in. This deck is a healing tool, and I hope it will become a trusted guide as you explore both the light and shadow sides of your inner-knowing. When you receive a head’s up (universal wisdom) from your inner guides, through your intuition, all you have to do is listen. You have this same ability, but you must use all of your senses to detect what is going on around you and how it might affect you in that moment. ( Log Out /  This card is not about looking into your past experiences and basing your decisions on what has happened to you before. It's designed to "bring white light into otherwise darkened areas of our lives and to facilitate natural healing". Each of these cards has its own meaning. This light is within you and … The Wolf for White Light beckons to you. I invite you to explore this collection of dreams, archetypes and stories as you dive into the lessons and messages of the Light Seer’s Tarot. Trust that what you are receiving is exactly what you need to know. It is about moving through life in the present, trusting your instincts as you go. You will know. The Legend: Wolf climbs the treacherous rocks, his eyes always fixed on the high ground. There is a small version of each card image, done in black in white, in the book. Blessings, live and light! Oracle cards are like tarot cards' younger, chiller cousin. Wolf’s defense is his instinct and he senses danger. Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Aeclectic Tarot. There are also many types of oracle cards within each deck. Thank you Jemma, I really appreciate your message! White light holds all the frequencies needed for healing ourselves, each other, our planet and all her precious creatures. Contact us. The White Light Tarot is an inclusive, positive deck that incorporates the reiki energy system and tarot into unique paintings. It is divine medicine for the soul, empowering the heart, clarifying the mind, and awakening higher consciousness. 2. As an example, “Amethyst” is a card found in the Crystal oracle deck. If he allows it, look into his eyes. Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman: Instinct ~ Wolf Of White Light, Instinct ~ Wolf of White Light: “There is a guide inside us.”. Go. ( Log Out /  It is not about looking to others for your guidance, asking for advice or direction. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I even cried reading these mind-blowing truths. Since purchasing this oracle deck, I AM more grounded and centered in life. All rights reserved. Work Your Light Oracle Cards Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They can show any imagery, and there's more room for the person working with them to interpret their meaning… 1 Oracle Card Meanings. When the wolf’s hackles come up, it is because there is something that is threatening to him; something feels not quiet right: a scent on the wind; another wolf which may plan to attack, or the scent of smoke or humans. When your “hackles” come up (usually I get a buzzing sensation in my Solar Plexus Chakra right at the base of my sternum at my diaphragm, but for you it may be your arm hair or hair on the back of your neck tingling) pay attention! The Legend: Wolf climbs the treacherous rocks, his eyes always fixed on the high ground. Therefore it’s not only a perfect deck for beginners but a must-have for every angel card reader. Neutral? “When we look behind, we sap the energy we are to use in the future,” his master said. It is about trusting in yourself. On the flip side, a feeling of bubbling or butterflies in your tummy may signal a nervous thrill of excitement. You will also find an “About,” along with “Speaks,” and “Divination Meaning,” for each card. Personal Inquiry: How can I master letting go, and move on? Archangel Oracle is not intended to be for profit, but does carry an expense with WordPress, domain cost, etc. Your Donations Are Graciously Accepted To Help Me To Keep Archangel Oracle Online! Learn how your comment data is processed. As he guides you, what do you see? You can find many types of oracle card decks. Your journey is guided. Do I trust my inner guidance? Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. When you are really tuned in and paying attention to your intuition, it is much easier to make the simple decisions regarding people, places and situations that may be in your best interest… or not. They are here to share their universal wisdom with us; guiding us on our life’s journey; assisting our angels and guides to give us clear, concise direction. Hence Wolf journeys on and does not look below for his enemies. He may not; communication takes many forms. ( Log Out /  Change ). Imagine a waterfall of light washing down from above. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Your instincts are at work and are trying to tell you that danger may be present. Inspiration: Your instinct is finely tuned, so why doubt it? During the time he prepared to be a guardian,… The artwork is simple, which makes this deck easy to use. Key Ideas: Solitary journey; Spirit lies on the road ahead; let by Spirit; following your instinct. Previously unseen sights may now be revealed to you.”*. ( Log Out /  Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman: Instinct ~ Wolf Of White Light Instinct ~ Wolf of White Light: "There is a guide inside us." Today we hear from Wolf Of White Light to trust in our instincts. Is he friendly? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In addition, the meanings are super straightforward. * Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Tori Hartman. August vibe: “There is a guide inside us” | Zen for Life Project. Do you have any innate knowledge about him? During the time he prepared to be a guardian, his master trained him never to turn back. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He climbs unseen, for only those who seek a spirit guide can see him. Next Deck >. We have been blessed with many visits from our Animal Spirit Guides over the last week or so. Does he talk to you?

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