Common mistake: It should be noted that groundwater does not come directly from sea water. Groundwater is recharged during the rainy season and it level rises. A new Physics textbook titled “Calculations in Physics for College Students” for Science students is out. This is an established fact based on empirical evidence. Groundwater mainly comes from three sources. Groundwater is recharged during the rainy season and it level rises. Groundwater is an integral part of the water system, which means that the story starts with precipitations. Groundwater stored in aquifers comes mainly from rainfall. Groundwater is recharged during the rainy season and it level rises. WHO WILL SAVE THE LESS-PRIVILEGED? It will help you a lot in your 100 Level Mathematics. (Check the book MTH 101. Start Here, Kline's Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. As previously mentioned, a portion of the water that falls as precipitation infiltrates into the ground and becomes groundwater. “CALCULATIONS IN PHYSICS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS” – A NEW PHYSICS TEXTBOOK BY OLAITAN S. O. APTITUDE TEST 3 FOR OIL AND ENGINEERING COMPANIES, WAEC MATHEMATICS PAST QUESTIONS, SOLUTIONS AND MODEL PRACTICE QUESTIONS. Reverse is the case during dry season. Groundwater comes from precipitation not from the sea. If it becomes contaminated - we can't use it. “Aquifers typically consist of gravel, sand, sandstone, or fractured rock such as limestone,” USGS states. (Photo Credit:, Do you need online tutorial on any topic/question in Maths or Physics? It makes learning interesting. Get the past papers on your phone, tablet or laptop. Answer: the earth will exsorb rain water over time traping water underneth the surfuse of the earth, causing it to be stored over time but we havve used so much groundwater that the earth has started to crank and make some city's get trapped in sinkholes If it is over exploited we lose the opportunity to achieve sustainability by balancing use and natural replenishment. Environmental Stewardship participated in the GMA-12 review of the adopted desired future conditions from 2014-2016 and provided comments on the nine (9) considerations that the GMA are required to evaluate during the review and re-adoption process. rainfall. Aptitude Tests for Oil and Engineering Companies. Groundwater is precious. In many locations groundwater has been contaminated by chemicals for many decades, though this form of pollution was not recognized as serious environmental problem until the 1980s. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Every Physics topic in the book has solved calculation problems and model past questions for practice with answers. Groundwater Supply. For enquiry, contact: (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or If you’re interested, you can contact us. “The top of the water in the soil, sand, or rocks is called the water table and the water that fills the empty spaces and cracks is called ground water.”. Contact (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or for complete pack on ", Contact (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or for complete pack on ", Contact (+234)08033487161 or (+234)08177093682 or for complete. It varies in amount and in distance from the surface. It is a school with a tradition of excellence with day and boarding facilities. GROUNDWATER . The depth at which soil pore spaces or fractures and voids in rock become completely saturated with water is called the water table. “The water table may be deep, such as under a hillside, or shallow such as under a valley. For more about our school, check Dowen College Lagos. – A NEW BOOK BY OLAITAN S. O. Background Groundwater has always been a valuable resource in the Strathbogie Ranges and with the seasons and rainfall now becoming much less predictable, its importance is only increasing. 610-398-2503 610-398-8413, 610-437-7515 610-965-7341   ( after hours ), 610-398-1444 610-398-2503   ( after hours ), Customer Service Rates & Fees Contact Us, © 2020 Lehigh County AuthorityAll Rights Reserved, Unchecked algal blooms are a green menace, Planning for the Region’s Future Sewer Needs, LCA Honored With Multiple Water Treatment Awards, LCA Recognized for Watershed Stewardship, Sustainability, High Water Bill? We run both the Nigerian and British curricula. For your preparation for the forthcoming UTME, get UTME 2016 questions and self explanatory solutions on you phone, tablet or laptop. People speculated that the groundwater is directly from the sea and the sea water gets itself purified of the salt through the ground. You can get this (MTH 101: Set Theory) through or (+234)08033487161. The water table may rise or fall depending on several factors,” USGS states. For your preparation for the forthcoming WASSCE/GCE, check and get the e-copy of the book. Where does the groundwater being pumped from the Simsboro Aquifer come from? We solve problems on Physics and Mathematics for students. Reverse is the case during dry season. Ground water comes from precipitations e.g. If you are in 100 Level of Obafemi Awolowo University or any other University or Polytechnic and you are studying Engineering or any of the Physical Sciences, then, you can get this book. Groundwater is stored in different layers of earth by infiltration through pores and fissures of permeable rocks. Clay or shale aren’t good aquifer materials because they slow or stop the passage of water. Here in the Strathbogies groundwater sits on top of the undulating, fractured granitic rocks that comprise most of the ranges. Water can also seep through the ground surface and down to the water table from streams, lakes, rivers and … According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there’s ground water pretty much everywhere on earth. We talk a lot about groundwater, but it’s been a while since we’ve explained what, exactly, it is. Image source by This month's groundwater topic is a basic education building block that explains origins of groundwater. Next time you take a drink, water the lawn or take a shower, consider the journey the water took before it got to your house! Service Issue Questions? Required fields are marked *. 21ST CENTURY LESSON DELIVERY FOR EDUCATORS – A NEW BOOK BY OLAITAN S. O. For the other 100 Level topics in Mathematics, they will soon be available. It “moves downward through empty spaces or cracks in the soil, sand, or rocks until it reaches a layer of rock through which water cannot easily move. Some of the solved and practice questions for students are here: Calculations in Physics for College Students. It varies in amount and in distance from the surface. Your email address will not be published. As the USGS points out, it can become contaminated just like any other water source: seepage from landfills, from septic tanks, from leaky underground fuel tanks, and  from fertilizers or pesticides. September 9, 2015. This is the scientific explanation for groundwater. Rain or snow falls, and the precipitation infiltrates the soil and eventually percolates to the water table, where it earns the title groundwater. Aquifer is the correct technical word to describe water saturated rock formations. They are also presented for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) organised by NECO. Groundwater is the water present beneath Earth's surface in soil pore spaces and in the fractures of rock formations.A unit of rock or an unconsolidated deposit is called an aquifer when it can yield a usable quantity of water. The speculation that groundwater is from sea water had been on for many centuries. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. A further 23% comes from rivers and the remaining seven per cent from surface water reservoirs owned by the company.

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