Once the SCOBY is ready, let it sit in sweetened tea, at room temperature, for a week or more. This varies, based on temperature and the maturity and health of your SCOBY, anywhere from 7 to 30 days. Hmm…What do we have here. The pasturization process kills the yeast and bacteria we need to start our Kombucha SCOBY. A damaged or weakened scoby may result in spoilage or mold on future batches. Place the kombucha scoby into the prepared liquid along with 1/2 to 1 cup of kombucha liquid. When we received the scoby, it had been in transit for maybe 2-3 weeks. Temperature plays a critical role.Everyone has their comfort zone. Hopefully, this gives your slow SCOBY enough time to fully develop. Let taste be your guide. Attach a cloth over the top of the jar with elastic, instead of a lid, to allow the SCOBY to breathe. If this fixes your SCOBY you could be dealing with low brewing temperatures or an imbalance of either yeast or bacteria. Creamy Smooth thick and tough is perfect. We ordered a scoby off of Amazon and it was sent to the wrong address. This can be kombucha left over from a previous batch (if you get a scoby from a friend they will likely give you the scoby in some liquid) or from a store bought type of kombucha that you enjoy. It is possible to brew kombucha even up to 85°F. We contacted the sender and he said that the scoby should be okay once it arrived at the correct location. Just make sure to ask them to include 1 cup of the brewed liquid to use as a strong starter liquid in making your own. The SCOBY has a “baby” every batch or two and this baby can then be used to brew kombucha. This is the best way if you are able to find one. 7 day old scoby, white spots closing up, temperature high 80s (Fahrenheit). Unlike MOV - Mother of Vinegar, which looks like a SCOBY. If your SCOBY is still too thin to your likely then just repeat this process once. When adjusting culturing temperatures, be sure to check the kombucha frequently with a thermometer. You don’t have to use a mason jar, but I’ve found it works best and they’re easy to come by. The beneficial probiotics and acids are rich when the drink is tangy sour, with a little sweetness remaining. A warmer brewing temperature will result in a stronger tasting kombucha. You’ll need one SCOBY and 1 cup of starter liquid for each gallon you plan to brew. The Mushroom / Pellicle/ SCOBY/ Gelatinous Mass will reveal the health of the bacteria and yeasts that are in your brew. If it gets too warm, the scoby can be damaged. Use More Sugar . Mason Jar – The mason jar is what the mixture will be kept in for the fermentation process. The scoby itself looked fine and was still in liquid, not punctured, etc. when the MOV sinks ,they say its dying.

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