What does RETS stand for? What is the abbreviation for Real Estate Transaction Standards? If you're building a real estate solution that needs to access MLS or other real estate data, building it with RETS … What is the meaning of RETS abbreviation? RETS abbreviation stands for Real Estate Transaction Standards. RETS stands for Real Estate Transaction Standard and it is the agreed upon “rules of the road” for data transfer in the Real Estate market. The abbreviation for Real Estate Transaction Standard is RETS. The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) is a technology used to exchange standardized real estate data between all of the various types of software systems that handle real estate information.RETS is … For additional information please review the following address provided by RETS.ORG to resolve many of your questions regarding RETS. RETS as abbreviation means "Real Estate Transaction Standard… The meaning of RETS abbreviation is "Real Estate Transaction Standard" What does RETS mean? Similarly, servers that implement RETS, available from a number of different vendors, can talk to clients that also implement RETS.

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