You meet hundreds of people a week but only a few in a lifetime make you feel like that. In the six ensuing decades, the Rebbe's words became the mission statement of thousands of Chabad Houses and outreach centers throughout the world. On the 10th of Shevat, 5711 (January 17, 1951), a group of Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidim gathered at 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York. Therefore, it's not only that love is important to a serious relationship, rather it can only exist in the setting of a serious relationship. I am so grateful to Hashem that we have him. Perhaps the answer is that love true doesn't come from where we think it does. © Copyright, all rights reserved. If I was divorced with children, I wouldn't marry a man if he didn't "fit right in with the family"! But the issue had become more complex since the first Chabad Rebbe had spoken of it seven generations earlier. History The Torah is part of the sacred Scriptures of the Jewish people. Go back return to ancient ways; HIs ways. The Rebbe went on to explain that the fact that "each one embodies all three" has a twofold implication. Love G-d, fellowman and the Torah . A. Pamela B. Zohar's answer is great and pretty much sums it up. The explanation is that the pit may have been empty of water, but it was full of snakes and scorpions. On behalf of all those who do not realize just what our Holy Rebbe is, I thank him....for me, for you, for all of us Love, dedication, desire. the moment I just long for a woman.a man without a woman is just half a man. The Torah is not content to leave love and brotherhood as a general ideal, to be fulfilled as each individual sees fit; it spells out, in intricate detail, how we are meant to show that love. Thanks for the A2A. I am blessed. Rabbi Schneur Zalman replied: The two are one and the same. But walk into most shuls today and the first four words you will hear are not “Welcome to our shul,” but “You’re in my seat.” WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE? The Torah commands: Love God “with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might,” “love the stranger” and “love your neighbor as yourself.”. The Torah commands us to "Love your fellow as yourself." Here in America it is customary to "make a statement"; I guess this means we should follow the local custom. The Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh, is typically divided into three parts: the Torah, the Ketuviym (the Writings), and the Navi’im (the Prophets.) So it was not as simple as, "I love you, but I don't like your children." Reply, You have a great article on this website by Rabbi Ginsburg called 'Love at First Sight: Five Biblical Examples.Romantic love and kosher love need not be mutually exclusive. But Isaac and Rebecca experience the opposite as the Torah says, "… and she became his wife and he loved her." You go beyond what you want and try to end up with what they want. God created the world because love needs another to love. But I have a thirst to understand so much more. What does the Torah have to say on this subject? But according to the Torah, love comes from a seemingly foreign attribute: dedication. Was it by coincidence or design that Rabbi DovBer chose a place whose name means "Town of Love"? perhaps the author thinks of selfish gratification as desire, but i question that. I read the Rebbe's bio and it was again profound and changed everything.Now I read the Torah and pray each and everyday.No outreach is needed--G_D takes care of that.I suppose one would classify me as a Noahide. Once I met someone who said they would rather go to a synagogue than a church because the Jews don't teach anything about loving our enemies, and there isn't anything about it in the Torah. ", The Torah commands us to "Love your fellow as yourself." what a truly inspiring, moving statement. Through his love of Yidden he broke through every possible gates, and certainly he broke through the kelipah which surrounded my heart all those years ago. Dedication fuels love, not desire. But my question is, “If Jews in Israel can’t love one another, why should G-d permit us to stay there?” Notions of love and romance are ingrained in practically every dimension of our society. But according to the Torah, love comes from a seemingly foreign attribute: dedication. You'd probably say: "You may think that you love me, but you don't really. I am a member of a Chabad for the past 20 years . I too was very far from Torah and Yiddishkeit until I came under his influence. The Rebbe has been and continues to be the light of my life. His life and work are such an inspiration and strength for me, and for all Jews, if only they would know of his tremendous love for each and every one of us. Food parcels are sent out etc. They might have even felt that their love of G‑d was purer because it excluded those "rebellious" children. Am i off the mark? It is there, in this place of self-transcendence, where love truly resides. I would not be here without his never ending guidance. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's. It's real, whatever you want to call it. Reply, love Today I do not move without thinking "what would the Rebbe say?" He then explained: G‑d loves every one of His children. Shalom. Many times within Jewish thought when discussing the relationship between G‑d and the nation of Israel, the analogy of husband and wife is employed. The Torah commands us to "Love your fellow as yourself." Everything takes work. When you're dedicated to someone, your concerns are secondary while theirs are first. We often seem to find love in how good a person looks to us, how they act, or on what a great time we have when with them. Have good day. Most interesting description and way of defining true love..Dedication transcends all else. 5 But What if someone said to you, "I love you, but I don't like your children?" It's different from pure desire, which comes easy and isn't terribly discerning. Reply, i as a non religious Jew, i admire and respect the work of the Rebbe... since my son Joshua became religious i am leaning to do the same. Reply, I am 73 and have Always felt G-D presents. Enjoying a person for their great attributes is important and special, but not love. You don't care for what I care most deeply about. The Talmudic sages Hillel and Rabbi Akivaindicated that this is the central commandment of the Torah. I often tell people to read the Torah. This could be a good start. The three loves — love of G‑d, love of Torah and love of one's fellow — are one. But why does it say that it had no water if already we know it was empty? The Torah also tells us to "Love the L-rd your G‑d." G‑d is the groom, as it were, and we are His bride. And his love will drive him to wish to bring G‑d's children close to Torah — because that's what G‑d loves. Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism. In the end, is love really so important to a happy healthy relationship? Reply, desire True love means that you love what your loved one loves, This commandment is the core of the Torah, 13 Ways the Lubavitcher Rebbe Changed the World Forever, An Antidote for the Post-Holocaust Generation. Yes, but people change in a marriage. Obviously, you don't know anything about me, and you don't know what love is, either! We are considered engaged to Him, but we are still waiting for the big day, our marriage: a time when we see the revelation of Him in our daily lives. Now that I'm looking for a husband who will be my partner in a religious life I have set romantic notions aside. ... 3 In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And if you see a person who has only a love for his fellow, you must strive to bring him to a love of Torah and a love of G‑d — that his love toward his fellows should not only be expressed in providing bread for the hungry and water for the thirsty, but also to bring them close to Torah and to G‑d. By dedicating ourselves to G‑d by doing mitzvahs, good deeds, in a way that transcends our own desires, we will culminate both humanity's and our personal relationship with G‑d. One who loves the Torah, will eventually internalize the recognition that the Torah's purpose and raison d'etre is to lovingly bring together G‑d and all His children. No. This is where dedication comes in. Reply, may Moshiach come now and may we be immeadietly reunited with our Rebbe! Go to almost any Christian Church and the instant someone notices you are new they will approach you, introduce themselves, ask your name, shake your hand…and if they had tails, they’d be wagging, they show you how happy they are to see you in their church. The most they could reasonably hope for was to persist in their own beliefs and try to pass them on to their children. You'd probably say: "You may think that you love me, but you don't really. 5:44), is a bit hard for some people to take, especially if they have been badly hurt and find it hard to forgive. The Torah also tells us to "Love … So if you see a person who has a love of G‑d but lacks a love of Torah and a love of his fellow, you must tell him that his love of G‑d is incomplete. Properly interpreted and understood, the Torah is not “a burden too heavy to bear,” nor does seeking to follow it out of faith annul faith.Indeed, by continually convicting us of falling short, the Torah forbids anyone from boasting about their works, but forces everyone, Jew and Gentile alike, to continually throw themselves on ADONAI’s grace as we repent day-by-day.

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