Green Chili Peppers ( 1 dozen or 400ml Jalapeno peppers). Recipes; Sweet Green Chili Sauce; Sweet Green Chili Sauce. This sauce should last for more than 6 months if you follow correct bottling practices and include all of the vinegar. Add in the Palm Sugar, mineral water, 2 tsp of Dark Rum and 1 level tsp of crushed garlic. Not only is it super quick and easy to make, it’s cheaper, … If I had added the cardamom in the same ratio for the actual sauce I could have ruined a large batch of my Green Chili Sauce. After making this Chili Sauce let it sit for 2-3 weeks before using, the flavor of the Green Chilies should sweeten and become smoother. Add the Jalapeno peppers, the one ripe banana, and all of the White Wine Vinegar into a mixer/blender. Bring the heat up until the Green Chili Sauce comes to a slow rolling boil. This sauce foams up a bit when you first start cooking it. Add in the Palm … I get comments from viewers asking me to share those sauces recipe. They should be blackened on the outside and soft to the touch. So here’s a recipe that you will hopefully enjoy, It came about after consuming around half a bottle of Sriracha sauce on the weekend. You can substitute store-bought peppers for all of the recipes but if you can use the chili pepper listed it will be worthwhile. In the second picture, you can see why I suggested not using a lid on the pot. Have another taste after mixing the sauce and then let the sauce boil for at least 15 – 20 minutes before bottling. Whenever i share indo chinese recipes which calls for green chilli sauce or red chilli sauce. In a small Dutch oven over medium-high heat, add the oil. Here is the simple recipe. It is really really addictive, way better than store bought ones.. As with most everything, nothing beats homemade and Sweet Chili Sauce is no exception. If you like to try homemade sauce recipes, then give these a try too – Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce, Homemade Pizza Sauce, Salted Caramel Sauce, Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Bechamel Sauce and Chinese Schezwan Sauce. Sweet chili sauce is low in calories (one tablespoon contains around only 3 calories) and it does not contain any fat, making it a good choice for those who want to maintain a low calorie count. It’s a very mild hot sauce, every other sauce recipe on this website is extremely hot. Add the tsp of ground Allspice and a few heavy shakes of the Cardamom. In my first test mix for this Green Chili Sauce, I added too much ground cardamom and it overpowered the sauce. Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe. Shop Ingredients. At around 50% Green Chili Peppers it has roughly the same amount. It’s good, a big worry would be that the Green Chili Sauce might have a very bitter taste. Cut the tops off the Jalapeno peppers, do not remove the seeds. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Bring the heat up until the Green Chili Sauce comes to a slow rolling boil. Place chillies in a roasting tray and roast at 220C/425F/Gas 7 for 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of chillies. You should have roughly 600ml (2 1/2 Cups) of Jalapeno sauce. Well, I hope I didn’t leave anything out, this is a great Green Chili Sauce recipe. Before we get into the recipe I have a handy tip for you. Green chili peppers aren’t usually used in hot sauces because the sugars haven’t developed in the pepper, instead of a sweet flavor a green chili pepper can be rather bitter. Yes, I know Sriracha isn’t a Green Chili Sauce but I have used it as a bit of inspiration along with Jerk sauce flavors. Homemade Blueberry Habanero Fermented Hot Sauce, Homemade Ginger Pineapple Jackfruit Hot Sauce Recipe, 2-3 heavy shakes of ground Cardamon (Not too much!). To be totally honest a Green Chili Sauce doesn’t sound amazing but I have to say I do like Jalapeno Peppers and this is a great Green Chili Sauce.

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