If the tree has poor health, the rates of survival and recovery will be low . While transplant shock is a challenge for most trees, they can recover if you detect the signs sooner than later. Transplant shock in plants is almost unavoidable. Prepare a batch by mixing one gallon of water with ¼ teaspoon of concentrate. Let’s face it, plants were not designed to be moved from place to place, and when we humans do this to them, it is bound to cause some problems.But, there are a few things to know about how to avoid transplant shock and cure plant transplant shock after it has occurred. In other words, if your tree is suffering from transplant shock it will not be too difficult to spot. Digging a tree for transplanting can remove as much as 90 percent of the absorbing roots which causes transplant shock to the tree. It is a biological process that occurs when the plant being installed has not established a root system extensive enough to keep up with the needs of the plant. Tree Transplant Shock Recovery. This will make it easier to dig up the tree and also minimize transplant shock. The best way to measure your tree’s diameter, use a caliper, a tool that can be found at a hardware store. It is crucial to know the symptoms, the recovery method, and the time required to help the tree recover. Often, a newly transplanted tree or shrub won’t have an extensive root system. How to Avoid Transplant Shock . A transplanted tree should be able to re-establish sufficient roots to sustain itself. Super Thrive and similar products contain vitamins and hormones that are reported to minimize stress on growing plants. In order to avoid transplant shock, it is crucial to dig one foot away from the trunk of your tree per one inch of your tree’s diameter. Signs of Shock in Trees. Some growers reduce “transplant shock” to their clones by soaking them in a vitamin and hormone solution such as Super Thrive. Before digging up your tree, you will want to dig the hole where the tree is … Transplant shock is a term that refers to the stresses a recently transplanted shrub or tree can experience.

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