Step 2 Moisten a few paper towels with bacon grease. I have … Bacon is super fat, so set the smoker temperature to the maximum of 175 degrees C if you do not want to drain all the juicy goodness from it. Yes, it’s a good idea to re-season your smoker to add If your new grill is like most others, it has a light coating of oil or a similar Bacon Fat Red Palm Sunflower Oil Flaxseed Oil Suet (Raw Beef Fat) Lard Re-Seasoning So now that you’ve seasoned your smoker, will it need to be re-seasoned? I season mine by putting a pork butt in it and smoking it for 12 hours or so. When we season a new or just degreased smoker, what we are doing is removing oils, dust, and other debris left over from the manufacturing process. Once all of the meatballs are wrapped with bacon and impaled with a toothpick shake the BBQ dry rub all over: Set up your smoker for 250 degrees. Bacon grease Vegetable oil from soybeans Sesame oil Avocado oil Almond oil Sunflower oil Corn oil Safflower oil All in all, the oil that you choose won’t have a significant bearing on how to season a new smoker… How to Season a New Smoker There are different ways to season a smoker depending on the type of smoker you own. It is best to smoke bacon at an average internal temperature of 90-150 degrees C . How to season an electric smoker In this step by step guide we will focus mainly on how to season a masterbuilt smoker, but the principles apply to most types of electric smoker. There will always be a brief description in the instruction booklet to tell you exactly what you can and can’t do with your smoker and we’d recommend giving that a thorough read to make sure you do it correctly. Step 1 Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Most new electric smokers will come with an The first butt may not be as great as the future ones, but it's still good enough to eat and your smoker will be well-seasoned after that. Although you can use oil or shortening to season your cast iron skillet, bacon grease works just as well.

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