So which kayak is the best one for you? While these kayaks are extremely similar, there are some very important differences to be aware of. Portability & ease of storage – Like all of the best inflatable kayaks, both the 330 and 370 are exceptionally portable and easy to store. Hope that helps! The major difference you’ll see is the quality of the included seats. Sea Eagle has two option groups for the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 Kayaks. If you plan on paddling with additional gear, we would recommend the 370 for it’s roomier interior and increased weight capacity. Both the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 offer a great compromise between performance, stability, durability, and price. Comparing Sea Eagle 330 vs. 370: The Battle between the Cousins! Deluxe Package – Again, this package includes the standard seats which will work fine for short trips on the water. So it really is up to you in terms of the size and capacity you’re looking for. I’ve heard the 330 is a bit cramped for 2 grown adults (I’m 6ft 3 so taller than usual) so I’ve been leaning towards the 370, but is the 370 easy to handle as solo or would the 330 have sufficient space for 2 adults comfortably? Due to the additional carrying capacity and buoyancy requirements of the larger 370, Sea Eagle used a 38 mil Polykrylar material vs. the 33 mil used on the 330. So, if you’ll mostly be solo paddling with the occasional tandem trip, the 330 might be a better option. I’m curious as to which is better for what water, the 330 or the 370? Thanks. There are also three additional upgraded SE370 packages for sale: the Sea Eagle 370 Sport Fishing Kayak, the Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak, and the Sea Eagle 370 QuikSail Kayak. KJ, either would likely work, load-wise. It’s shorter hull allows you to make quicker turns in the water. The kayak itself is the same between the different packages. In this post, we’ll go over the key differences between the Sea Eagle 330 and the Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayaks. If you’re on the fence about which Sea Eagle kayak to buy, hopefully this post will shed some light on the main differences and help you to decide which one is better for you. Fishing Package – This package is designed for the solo angler and includes Sea Eagle’s upgraded seat. The first and most obvious difference between the Sea Eagle 330 and the 370 is the size. Seen other inflatable canoes around the £100 market. The 330 does have a bit of an advantage when it comes to maneuverability, though. The base model for the Sea Eagle SE330 is the Pro Solo Kayak package which includes a single Deluxe inflatable kayak seat, a Sea Eagle 330 carry bag, a 7’10” AB30 paddle, an A41 foot pump, and a small inflatable kayak repair kit. Ian, there are definitely paddlers that like to take their dog in the 370 (there’s even one pictured on their website at the moment!). You’ll still be more comfortable with only two passengers, but having three on board is still manageable. BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2020. Hi Ollie, I’d recommend the 370 for you as it will be much more comfortable with two adult paddlers. If you’re interested in the best tandem kayak configuration for the Sea Eagle 330, we highly recommend the Pro Kayak package as it includes the upgraded Deluxe inflatable kayak seats (they are more comfortable and offer much better back support). Also, if we want two people (medium child) in the kayak, is there another, better choice? Happy paddling. While the 330 and 370 are both convertible, the 330’s shorter length makes it a bit more suitable for solo paddling compared to the 370. Both materials are tough and can take some serious abuse, but the 370 does have a bit of an edge in the durability department. This extra space will come in hand if you plan to do any camping or extended day trips. The Sea Eagle 330/370 inflatable kayaks are incredibly versatile. It’s usually not ideal to load down a kayak so it’s at it maximum capacity; it’ll sit low in the water, which slows it down and causes it to be less maneuverable. The entry level Deluxe option package includes two SEC Canoe Seats while the Sea Eagle 330/370 Pro option group includes these new Jet-Boat Bucket Seat (Sea Eagle calls them Deluxe Kayak Seats to confuse you). The base model for the Sea Eagle SE370 is the Deluxe package which includes two 7’10” AB30 paddles, two SEC kayak seats, an A41 foot pump, the Sea Eagle 370 carry bag, and a small inflatable kayak repair kit. Having said that, the 370’s longer length helps it track a bit better, so you’re not zigzagging through the water as much as you would with the 330. 3 in 2020. Sport kayaks are low pressure kayaks constructed of 33 mill fabric marine grade vinyl, in the case of the 330 Sport Kayaks, and 38 mill marine grade vinyl in the top selling 370 Sport Kayaks. Pro Package – Includes the upgraded seats and can really help improve your comfort level and extend your time out on the water. We want to most versatility for seating, light river, and bay waves. You’ll be fine without the extra seat for shorter trips, but it might be worthwhile picking up a third seat for longer outings.

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