If you do not provide additional information, or the information that you provide does not support your position, the request will be denied. CONTACT US. The moratorium prohibits rent increases before January 1, 2021. San José is developing an affordable housing portal that provides information on affordable housing apartments currently accepting applications. Examples of exceptions are abandonments, eviction by a court, o… It must not be during the initial lease period, which typically is for one year. San Jose City Housing Authority is located at 505 West Julian St., San Jose, CA, 95110 and serves the city of San Jose. Submitting a Rent Adjustment. The portal will be expanded in the future to add additional features that will simplify the application process. San Jose Rent Control was enacted in 2018, which prevents illegal rent increases, and the Tenant Protection Ordinance, which protects tenants from eviction. Please note: the City of San José does not accept rental applications. To see the current utility allowances click here. Here are frequently asked questions about the rent-increase moratorium. Please contact San Jose City Housing Authority at, (408) 275-8770 for more information about coverage area and program availability. The City of San José has updated the methodology used to calculate the income and rent limit information effective June 1, 2020. Utility allowance is an amount deducted from the household’s rent portion when the tenant is responsible for utilities. You can view the Memorandum from the City Attorney's Office that describes the legal basis for the rent-increase moratorium. Santa Clara County Housing Authority serves Santa Clara County on behalf of San Jose City Housing Authority. © 2017 Santa Clara County Housing Authority. The housing authority is an integral part of the social safety net in one of the country’s most expensive places to live. Address the notice to the tenant and provide SCCHA with a copy. The full text of the moratorium ordinance is available here. Submit the request early enough to ensure that SCCHA receives it at least 60 days prior to the effective date of the rent adjustment, but no earlier than four (4) months prior to the effective date. The notice must be signed by the owner/agent, and include the effective date of rent adjustment and the requested dollar amount. The full text of the moratorium ordinance is available here. The success of the federal Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program depends on the participation of nonprofit and private property owners. Proposed rent adjustment is reviewed to determine rent reasonableness by analyzing rents for other comparable unassisted units in the market. In Oakland, the median two bedroom rent was $2,267, up nearly 4 percent, and in San Francisco the price for a typical two bedroom went up 1.1 percent to … After the initial lease term, owners may submit a written request for a rent adjustment. SCCHA Properties; How to Apply for a SCCHA Owned Apartment; Resident Services at SCCHA Owned Apartments; BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FIND A HOME. Petitions, Exemption Requests & Related Forms, Draft Diridon Affordable Housing Implementation Plan, Inclusionary Housing in Redevelopment Areas, Housing & Community Development Commission, AB 987 RDA Funded Affordable Housing Listing, Analysis of Impediment to Fair Housing Choice, Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation, Community Development Block Grant - Recovery, HUD Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, The full text of the moratorium ordinance is available here, Here is the presentation shown during the webinar, Here are frequently asked questions about the rent-increase moratorium, view the Memorandum from the City Attorney's Office. Santa Clara County Housing Authority is a Public Housing Agency that participates in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), Public Housing, and Moving to Work programs. Properties covered by San José's Apartment Rent Ordinance include apartments with three or more units that were built and occupied prior to September 7, 1979. Adjustments can be requested to either increase or decrease the contract rent. I have even seen a property management/real estate firm falsely tell tenants that there was a new landlord and that everyone had to sign a new 26 page rental contract in legalese English with 3 days or be in changer of being evicted.

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