Want to improve this question? Why are Stratolaunch's engines so far forward? Lovecraft (?) Oh, okay, so the seafloor methane wasn't sunk down from the atmosphere sometime before the pleistocene, when things were a lot hotter. It only takes a minute to sign up. Thank you for that, that's really cool information. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. $\endgroup$ – Andrew Jul 12 at 10:51. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Also, I just figured out how to adapt the design for high-altitude. The reaction chains are long and provided in this Wikipedia commentary. It should be methane that formed as natural gas, there - is not really methane sinking from the atmosphere to the ocean bottom. Ghent scientist uses bacteria to remove methane from air, Flanders’ environment minister, Joke Schauvliege, has returned from the climate conference in Lima to immediately announce four projects in the region that will cut carbon dioxide emissions by half a million tons, The region’s greenhouse gas emissions decreased over the last decade by 9%, with a particularly impressive decrease of PCBs. Methane is also the main ingredient in natural gas. “You can make methane-removing bacteria collaborate with bacteria that have other assets, like the ability to remove polluting substances from ground water.”. Were any IBM mainframes ever run multiuser? Methane removal and atmospheric restoration Zeolites and other technologies should be evaluated and pursued for reducing methane concentrations in the atmosphere from 1,860 ppb to preindustrial levels of ~750 ppb. To quote: The main mechanism for removal of methane from the earth’s atmosphere is oxidation within the troposphere by the hydroxyl radical (OH). Generally, methane that is now below ground was never in the atmosphere. How many pillars do we need to surround a triangular area? How to sustain this sedentary hunter-gatherer society? The second sink for methane is the chlorine radical: The associated source of radicals is strong UV light found in the upper atmosphere acting on water vapor, for example. Is Elastigirl's body shape her natural shape, or did she choose it? Frederiek-Maarten Kerckhof has now discovered that the bacterial communities found around methane are of crucial importance. Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Think of it under the water column pressure and bottom temperature. . This leads to a win-win situation: methane is removed more efficiently and the bacterial community can be used for water treatment or improving soil quality. Per a source discussing the Methane Cycle, apparently it is slowly removed on average of approximately 9 years as a consequent of sunlight-induced radical activity.To quote: The main mechanism for removal of methane from the earth’s atmosphere is oxidation within the troposphere by the hydroxyl radical (OH). Atmospheric methane is the methane present in Earth's atmosphere. story about man trapped in dream. Can we have electric current in the vacuum. How should I consider a rude(?) There are various techniques to remove methane from the atmosphere, but they are not yet efficient and are thus expensive. [closed], MAINTENANCE WARNING: Possible downtime early morning Dec 2/4/9 UTC (8:30PM…, “Question closed” notifications experiment results and graduation. Some of these activities include emissions from fermentation processes associated with livestock, from cultivated rice paddies, from fossil fuel use and biomass burning, and from landfills. Choosing THHN colors when running 2 circuits together, Extremely bloated transaction log during delete, Expressive macro for tensors; raised and lowered indices. Do you have an example of methane being bound into the ground from the atmosphere? As I understand, methane is quite light and doesn't react with $\ce{H2O},$ or $\ce{O2},$ or $\ce{CO2}.$ Does it react with the photons over time and become reactive and sink? Curious about the chemistry of Carbon-14 after it's produced in the atmosphere, How to calculate the abundances of certain gases from the peak areas, GC-MS. Why don't heavy and light gases separate in the atmosphere? To remove methane, the study proposes using zeolites, a class of minerals with very tiny pores commonly used as industrial catalysts. Can a player add new spells to the spellbooks described in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything? If both these hurdles can somehow be cleared, however, the authors think their idea could remove 3.2 billion tons of methane from the atmosphere, restoring concentrations to pre-industrial levels and reducing global warming by 15 percent. Per the cited Methane Cycle article, ascribed sources of methane are attributed to: It is estimated that up to 60% of the current methane flux from land to the atmosphere is the result of human activities.

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