The screen recording option in Quicktime is a useful feature for you to record a part of your screen or your entire screen in high quality for whatever purpose. Download and install Soundflower. Then, just follow these steps: Under “File” in the top toolbar, select “New Movie Recording.” Use the microphone when you are recording a tutorial. How to make a Quicktime screen recording with audio. Launch QuickTime Player, and select "Soundflower (2ch)" as the audio source. If you would rather record ONLY audio and not the screen, click File>New Audio Recording, and do the same thing. But it’s also a free screen recorder — you can use it to easily capture video and audio. QuickTime Screen Recording with Audio. Click the little arrow on the side of the Quicktime window. Start by opening Quicktime. Now open Quicktime Player and click on File>New Screen Recording. Various audio recording options – Record your screen using the system audio input, such as when creating a demo for a game. Ever since macOS Mojave (10.14), Soundflower, the go to free sound plugin that overcame Apple Quicktime’s inability to include audio to screen recordings has ceased working with subsequent macOS’. How to Start Screen Recording with Audio on Mac Using QuickTime. You may know Quicktime as a media player. Under the microphone section, click on "Soundflower (2ch)." Step 2. A lot of people are fond of doing screencasting or simply recording their game playing these days. Run QuickTime on your Mac, choose "File" > "New Screen Recording ". No matter if you have decided to screencast your work or demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial, these things are incomplete without a high-quality screen and audio recorder.. You might be looking for the new and the best screen recording tool if you have used many before and tried using those. For running a screen recording on Mac, it can be easily done with QuickTime. Navigate to "File" > "New Screen Recording" to start recording. Part 1. Step 1: Create a new screen recording file. There’s now a fix for this in the form of Existential Audio’s virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications with zero latency. Use both system audio and microphone when you want to record a chat conversation or game tutorial where you need the game sounds and your voice going through the procedure. Step 2: Select the recording … Step 1. Quicktime also allows you to record your audio through the built-in mic, thus you can record anything ranging from tutorials to simple videos explaining an issue you’re facing on your system. Step 3.

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