Product Price $10,555.00. I've owned 30 or more guitars and none played better and only a early 70's Les Paul custom felt better in my hands. Besides being beautiful this thing plays like butter and sounds amazing. Yes she does play music, (keyboards). As ever, the SE models give the player some of the PRS experience in the general feel and look of the instruments. Guitar sounds great, coil tap gives nice single coil tone and the 85/15 pickups can handle anything. After buying a Gretsch 5422TG about 6-8 weeks ago from Sweetwater, I was talking to James W., my sales rep, and he suggested I look at the PRS SE Custom 24 Exotic Rosewood. Blown away by this guitar. BRAVO Sweetwater for putting this exclusive finish together! Thanks to Brent Leuthold for always making my Sweetwater experiences smooth and easy. Even got a welcome letter from Sweetwater and a bag of candy (Too bad I am on a diet and can't eat sweets, may be you guys could send me a free Boss GT-100 instead). The Catalog picture does not do it justice. Even though they had pointed out the places. The added width and feel of the fretboard was perfect. Wanted to do something nice for myself. I bought this guitar about 8 months ago. As good as the Guitar Gallery images are, you really don't get an idea of how beautiful this instrument is until you see it in person. No fret issues and Sweetwater had set the neck almost perfectly straight. Once the guitar has had its setup process (for me, just intonation adjustment), I was AMAZED at the fullness, crispness, and playability with fret action this guitar possesses. I'm already planning my next order. All I can say this is a wonderful instrument! Great humber tones, as well as great single coil tones too! I feel like I should find something to complain about, but I honestly can't think of anything, so at the risk of sounding like a fawning fake review, I just have to say I'm really happy with this guitar and that PRS rocks. Totally surprised. I went to a local music store and played a PRS (even though it wasn't the Custom SE 24). Chrome Nickel hardware is a standard, as is the Paul Reed Smith designed tremolo bridge and tuners. WOW! It"s a solid buy and I highly recommend you get you one! Giving this only 4 stars because it arrived with scratches / check marks on the front and back of the body. What a gorgeous axe! This guitar makes you play differently and has a very inviting aura. After that, it was all the tremondous range of sounds coming from the interior, and that was through a beaten portable Marshall amp. Don"t pass it up if you ever have that opportunity, I ordered this guitar on Thursday afternoon and it was at my door on Saturday morning! The good: Surprising build quality. My other guitars are collecting dust...this beauty just seems to gravitate toward my hands when I want to play. Man was I ever surprised. Beautiful, versatile, affordable elegance that ranges from a crystal clear single coil sparkle to an all out face melting scream! I really wasn't familiar with the PRS, but was intrigued. It far exceeded my expections: Another home run buying experience from Sweetwater, Thank you Jonathan! The playability is very high right out of the box, the pickups are articulate and expressive. The sound is great, and the playability is better than I could have imagined. Wish my credit was a little better so I could finance through you guys, since word around town is you guys are the best, but I will with time. I have an LP (p90) which I love but was looking for another sound for recording and didn"t want to spent an arm and a leg. great set up by sweetwater too. The five-star ratings are not a conspiracy concocted by Sweetwater and PRS, with possible Russian collusion. So i was kind of shooting in the dark on this and im very happy i did. This is a used and in overall excellent condition Paul Reed Smith SE series Custom 24 with a Rosewood veneer over the maple top, with a mahogany body, slim Wide Thin profile maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, two coil-tappable 85/15 S humbuckers, and a 3-way switch. The tone and power of the pickups is also outstanding. After tons of looking around (and counting my cash) I decided to give this a go. The pictures look great but it's even better in person. It's hard to write something that hasn't already been written in these reviews - I would just be redundant - but yeah, the rumors are true. Plays phenomenal as expected the quality and craftsmanship is top notch. I chose a darker, rich finish with a subtle grain on the rosewood top. And you absolutely cannot ask for a better sales staff. With the gain up this ax will growl and snarl at you with the best of them. So now I"m rambling. I really struggled with what texture/ color on the rosewood and now think I picked the best one, beautiful. I"m a bass player by trade but also play guitar for writing and recording. Rosewood Korean guitar with Rosewood fretboard. I have several USA made guitars that cost 3 times as much don"t compare to this guitar. I also wanted coil taps, and a gorgeous finish (I'm a sucker for rich, bold woodgrains). A great sounding guitar, at a great price, purchased through a great company, Sweetwater. This guitar is magnificent! The setup was perfect from the get-go, and it feels like it was made for me. Great tones, wide ranges of tone and volumes. For an entry level PRS this guitar is a great addition. I guess it's like a good woman, the more time you spend with her the more you love her. It is incredibly responsive and I have to adjust my playing because it is just easier to bend notes and play faster. They are real and I was not disappointed. The neck is a hair thicker than my CE 24, but still perfectly playable. It even came with a pretty smart soft case complete with lots of compartments. This guitar is amazing. And I agree with some other reviews, looks better in person. After retiring last year I decided to pickup the guitar after a 35 year hiatus. Something went wrong. I’ve been playing 11 years and have had multiple electric guitars over the years (Fender, Ibanez, ESP, Charvel) and this one wins by far. Literally. I looked at other instruments in this price range and there was no comparison. I will also eventually be changing the tuners out because I do not feel like the gear ratio in these tuners are to my preference. This guitar just calls for me to play more. Can't beat that! I've been a Fender guy for years - Strats and Telecasters, and as a thumb picker, I do like my Gretsch 5420, but finally decided to purchase this particular PRS guitar. The Exotic Wood series SE Custom 24 features similar specifications as the standard SE Custom 24 produced currently. It took a while for the Custom 24 - PRS's original and still best-selling vision - to make it into the SE line, appearing in 2009, four years after the first flat-fronted 22-fret Custom had entered the range. You feel like you"re family, but not that crazy family that forgets their kids when they go on vacation. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! The neck is solid. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. My opinion, Buy it! Anyway, I'm droning on, but it is a great guitar, the price is excellent and Sweetwater did a nice setup on it. My expectations were high, but Sweetwater and PRS combined to blow me away. $1,699.00. Thank you Sweetwater for great service and thank you Paul Reed Smith for these beautiful instruments and my PRS Custom 24 SE Natural Rosewood. Only reason for 1/2 star off was intonation was off a bit. It demands attention. View cart for details. I had to find something to fit my fingers. SE Custom 24 Charcoal Burst The SE Custom 24 brings the original PRS design platform to the high-quality, more affordable SE line up of instruments. The sound is crisp yet full, she makes me smile and glad we found each other. This is a great guitar! They definitely will fool anybody looking into thinking they are high end PRS guitars, and I promise you the playability and tone is 110% there. Perfect! I hadn"t bought a guitar is about 20 years. The finished quality of the SE Custom 24 is remarkable and credit to the PRS Korean product line. I also bought a "Demo", and frankly, could barely see the speck that made it a demo!! When I received it was absolutely beautiful. Jason Thiele the awesome Sales Engineer at Sweetwater knew exactly what would fit me fingers.

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