And so I thought, well, everybody in New York claims some connection to Maine — you know, he probably went to camp there or something. Victoria – Nina's friend who eventually steals Tim from her and worsens her eating disorder. Matt Grearson – attends Ed Bonney's funeral. Eddie Bonney – Marlene and Ed's son, serves in the. She's still a part of my life. After their rescue, tensions remain between the couple and Olive reflects how their relationship has been affected by their experiences at the hospital. Elizabeth Strout is a bestselling writer whose characters will remain etched in our memories forever, with her most iconic being Olive Kitteridge. So other people's stories are what I write. Olive's only child, Christopher, finally marries at the age of 38. Annabelle – Ann's daughter, father never identified, apparently the result of a fling after her divorce. Henry daydreams of taking care of Denise after the death of her husband, though he still loves his cantankerous wife Olive. Julie – Anita's daughter by her first marriage, one of Olive's former students. Chris has married a second time and is now living in New York City. These events cause Harmon to realize he is in love with Daisy and he rents Tim and Nina's former home, in preparation for leaving Bonnie. It’s a book to immerse oneself in and to share. Tony Kuzio – Henry Thibodeau's lifelong friend, kills him in a hunting accident. She encouraged me to write from a very, very young age. Andrea Bibber – one of Olive's former students, a. Cynthia Bibber – Andrea's mother, suggests Olive and Henry are depressed after hospital incident. She thinks he is lying because of his dissatisfaction with his own life. Now, Strout brings her beloved protagonist back in Olive, Again, a follow-up to her Pulitzer Prize–winning 2008 novel-in-stories. Nevertheless, Julie leaves on a bus to go to Bruce in Boston. That's fine. As in Strout’s Pulitzer Prize– winning Olive Kitteridge (2008, etc. Kevin – One of Harmon and Bonnie's sons, he keeps in closest contact with his parents. In conversation, the couple mention seeing Bob at an airport in Miami. Walter Dalton – alcoholic regular, former college professor, Malcom Moody calls him a "fairy. One winter evening she sees her ex-boyfriend Simon in the audience and she calls her married lover, Malcolm, to break off their relationship. Elizabeth Strout didn't really plan to return to the world of Olive Kitteridge, but her character had other ideas. Derrick – Another of Harmon and Bonnie's sons, more aloof. Olive later finds Marlene with Kerry, who has passed out. It won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and was a finalist for the 2008 National Book Critics Circle Award. Olive goes home early with neither her son nor daughter-in-law taking her to the airport. When you think about it, we never know. Olive's son Chris and his new wife have moved to California. Henry Thibodeau – Denise's first husband, a former football hero, works as a plumber, killed in a hunting accident by his best friend Tony Kuzio. Denise maintains contact with Henry through a yearly birthday letter. Kevin Coulson returns to Crosby where he grew up, planning to go to his childhood home and commit suicide. ... She was very, very, very encouraging about making me a writer. Bill Newton – friend of Henry and Olive Kitteridge. Free UK p&p over £15, online orders only. And so I [asked] 'Oh, what part of Maine are you from?' But at the same time I love her. At home, Jane confronts Bob, who admits that, four years earlier, his former mistress had contacted him because she had breast cancer. After receiving a condolence note, Olive goes to visit Louise Larkin. ... She is very interesting company, actually. On meeting her husband at one of her book appearances. I couldn't see him because of the lights. The thorny matriarch of Crosby, Maine, makes a welcome return. Rebecca Brown, the daughter of a minister, starts to develop kleptomania after her father's death and fantasizes about burning things. Jerry McCarthy, the delivery boy, eventually proposes to Denise and the couple move to Texas. Voted 2019 Best Fiction Award Winner by BookBrowse Subscribers It's been a big year for literary sequels, with the publications of Find Me by André Aciman, The Testaments by Margaret Atwood and Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. Bonnie – Harmon's wife, he eventually leaves her for Daisy. Les Washburn – landlord, rents a house first to Tim Burnham and Nina White, but evicts them after a pot bust, later rents the same house to Daisy Foster and Harmon. Christopher "Chris" Kitteridge – Olive and Henry's son, a, Dr. Suzanne "Sue" Bernstein-Kitteridge – Chris's first wife, Jewish, from, Ann Kitteridge – Chris's second wife, met in a. Theodore – Ann's son by her first marriage. • Olive Again by Elizabeth Strout is published by Viking (£14.99). Angie O'Meara, who plays piano at the Warehouse Bar and Grill, is an alcoholic who can only perform in front of people when she is drunk. I have observed people from my earliest memory. While sitting in his car he is approached by Olive Kitteridge, his former math teacher, who enters his car and speaks to him frankly about his mother's suicide years before and her own father's suicide. I'm just there to report on what they're doing. So from a very, very young age I thought in terms of sentences and she would give me books to read. I'm perfectly aware that she comes from my imagination — it's not like I am channeling her or anything like that — but she's from my imagination and yet she is very, very distinct. But I just heard a deep voice say, 'You know, I'm from Maine.' I let her behave as badly as I think she would. So ... she's stuck along with the rest of them in my ribs. Tyler Caskey – Rebecca's grandfather, a. I don't know that we can separate the two that much. She and Olive had a bad relationship. And I realized: 'Oh, he really is from Maine.' Louise and her husband have become shut-ins after their son Doyle committed murder. Jack Kennison – stuffy Harvard graduate, retired in Crosby with wife, they have one daughter (unnamed) who is a. Mrs. Kettleworth – Daisy Foster stole a pear from her front yard when she was a child. To order a copy go to or call 020-3176 3837. Angela "Angie" O'Meara – alcoholic piano player. I mean, I would say no. Olive finds herself contemplating suicide now that she lives alone. Betty Simms – close neighbor of Olive and Henry, had five children. I mean, honestly, as soon as I could write sentences she bought me those notebooks with the big lines in them and told me to write down what I had done that day.

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