Improve this listing. I can think of no better dish that captures the true taste and tone of summer than a lobster roll. If you go, get the onion rings. I do remember being surprised at the sight of my first lobster roll on the Cape all those years ago. Place on a hot dog roll - What a feast! I had no idea what it was, but I was happy to see lobster for less then $10 and then to see it dressed in mayo? 63 photos. Nikki_in_Cali 05:56:58 PM on 06/06/11 . 261 Reviews. Connecticut Lobster Rolls contain no mayonnaise. The bun the lobster is served in, along with how the lobster is dressed (for instance lots of mayo, or no mayo at all) also played a role. United States ; Maine (ME) Freeport ; Freeport Restaurants ; Lobster Cooker; Search “Lobster Rolls ,No mayo” Review of Lobster Cooker. Lobster Cooker . What was this thing, my 19-year-old, California-girl soul said? 4 Wave Avenue, Middletown. They vary in flavor, texture, and moisture levels. Ranked #1 of 7 Quick Bites in Freeport. 39 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032-1212 +1 207-869-5086. Flo’s Clam Shack: These Lobster Rolls are pure and simple, no mayo or extra ingredients added, just fresh lobster meat on a roll with mayo on the side. Lobster with mayo is more like a salad to me. Choose a quality butter like Kate's Butter, which highlights the sweetness of lobster meat without overpowering the taste. Lobster Rolls ,No mayo - Lobster Cooker. I'm from Connecticut - so I guess I'm partial. 401-847-8141, All butters are not created equal. Their regular lobster roll is the lightest on mayo in the area as well--truly a wisp of mayo. 5 Replies. And then I ate it, and I became a believer. Mayo or no mayo? That said, you’ll find both of these styles served in both states, and throughout New England. Celery or celery salt? I recently got them cooked to order "extra crispy" since they can be a little beige for my liking, and they accomodated me and they were extra delicious that way! Website. Certificate of Excellence. Chives or scallions? But there are as many varieties of lobster rolls as there are claims to the 'best-ever lobster roll' fame, so it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences for seafood sandwiches. Mayo for a lobster roll; butter for a whole or tail endeavor! Arnold's in Eastham serves a "hot" lobster roll, no mayo, just melted butter. If you prefer a lobster roll with no mayo, you can also use butter as the perfect substitute for that.

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