There are five colors, sequenced white (), blue (), black (), red (), and green (); this arrangement is called the "color pie" or "color wheel". Red can get a 2/2 with haste for three mana in Raging Cougar, Goblin Chariot, or Suq'Ata Lancer, the latter of which also has flanking. Red is the color of immediate action and immediate gratification. white's enemies are black and red).[3]. As such, blue is the color most interested in technology and wants the latest and greatest version of whatever it is using. Green/White has shown self-concern in the form of life gain (Heroes' Reunion), but that does not make Green/White selfish — that would be comparable to saying that a person is selfish for brushing their teeth. [17] In terms of alliances artifacts can be considered neutral, though green generally dislikes artifice as a concept, while blue is more than happy to work with them extensively. It believes that the natural order is a thing of beauty and has all the answers to life's problems, that obeying the natural order alone is the best way to exist and thus favors a simplistic way of living in harmony with the rest of the world. (Example: Gaze of Justice). There's a big debate in R&D as to whether this is supposed to be a red ability. Above all else, Red values freedom. Green believes each individual is born with all the potential they need, that it's imprinted in its genes. [19], Change can also result from a re-examination of flavor; for instance, efficient artifact destruction was moved from white (Disenchant) to green (Naturalize) in order to better emphasize green's conflict with blue regarding technological progress. Black doesn't see anything as fundamentally immoral. Thus, Blue, believing it is capable of changing anything if it understands the change, and believing it is imperative that it acquire every capability it could have, concludes that it is imperative that it understand change. If you've ever looked at the back of a Magiccard, you've seen this circle, aka the color wheel. Devised by Magic creator Richard Garfield, the color system is one of the game's most fundamental and iconic elements. Green truly believes that every individual has to bother to sit back and understand the bigger picture and don't get so caught up in the details of their lives. Glissa's Courier). 10th on Mar. The back of each Magic card depicts the color wheel in the form of round colored gems. A Magic: The Gathering tool for finding the names of all the mana color combinations. [19] Similar effects can be merged into a color to better highlight the mechanical distinctions between colors. Duncan Sabien has a post titled How the ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Color Wheel Explains Humanity. [20], While the color pie is the foundation of Magic, from time to time, R&D stretches what mechanically and creativity is allowed in each color. It wants to do what it wants when it wants, to whom it wants, and nobody can tell it otherwise. Thus, black does everything possible to gain the only commodity that can secure it from weakness, and ensure its ability to get whatever it needs or wants—power. A break undermines a weakness that is core to the color.[14][21][22]. Where would you put colorless mana on the color pie? When the bleeding goes too far it is called a color bend or in the worst case a color break. For example, white as a group works toward peace, harmony, and unity. Colorless cards can have mechanics usually reserved for a specific color, but typically at a higher converted mana cost for a given effect. Wizards cannot learn on an empty stomach and even they are drawn to sexual partners — it is as nature wills, but that does not make them Green. The presence of the colorless mana symbol in the cost is not required; most colorless cards have entirely generic mana costs. But for white as a lone soldier or citizen, these goals may be considered "too large" for their everyday life.

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