More than once, enemies of the Savior sought to hinder Her from visiting her holy place, and they asked the High Priest for a guard to watch over the Grave of the Lord. Within the church was preserved the precious funeral cloth, which covered Her all-pure and fragrant body. The burial place was hewn out of stone in the manner of the ancient Jewish graves and is very similar to the Sepulchre of the Lord. (This marks the beginning of the rite of offering up the “Panagia” (“All-Holy”), a portion of bread in honor of the Mother of God, which is done at monasteries to the present day). The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral (Катедрален храм "Успение Пресвятия Богородици" or Катедрален храм "Успение Богородично" translit. The most-pure body of the Mother of God was buried in the family tomb. The church of the Dormition of the Theotokos has the following dimensions: in length it is 48 arshin, and in breadth 8 arshin [1 arshin = 28 inches]. The only exception is that work that cannot be postponed, as well as help for others. The circumstances of the Dormition of the Mother of God were known in the Orthodox Church from apostolic times. An angry crowd and soldiers set off against the Christians, but the circular cloud accompanying the procession descended and surrounded them like a wall. According to legends, if the parents agree on a wedding, then the young people will live a long life in peace and harmony. The Dormition of our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary: After the Ascension of the Lord, the Mother of God remained in the care of the Apostle John the Theologian, and during his journeys She lived at the home of his parents, near the Mount of … The reverence of the Apostles for the Most Holy Virgin was extraordinary. With the end of Liturgy, at the fourth hour of the morning, he serves a short Molieben before the resplendent burial shroud, lifts it in his hands and solemnly carries it beyond the church to Gethsemane proper where the holy sepulchre of the Mother of God is situated. In front the altar, beyond the burial chamber of the Mother of God, is a raised-up spot, upon which rests the burial shroud of the Most Holy Mother of God among fragrant flowers and myrtle, with precious coverings. Saint Pulcheria then placed these grave-wrappings within the Blachernae church. At this time of the year, the peasants were busy harvesting. This circle of Heavenly singers and radiance accompanied the procession to the very place of burial. Saint Anna, having been left a widow, moved from Nazareth to Jerusalem, and lived near the Temple. With the start of the procession there suddenly appeared over the all-pure body of the Mother of God and all those accompanying Her a resplendent circular cloud, like a crown. This solemn procession went from Sion through Jerusalem to the Garden of Gethsemane. The preaching of the Gospel there had fallen by lot to the Apostle John the Theologian. This piece of stone had been in the Gethsemane basilica from the sixth century. It is undesirable to cook on the feast - this must be done in advance. The Dormition of the Mother of God, also known as the Assumption in the Western tradition, is one of the most important feasts of the Virgin. Nowhere else is there such sorrow of heart at the separation from the Mother of God, and nowhere else such joy, because of Her intercession for the world. Her rule of life was to offend no one, to intend good for everyone, to respect the aged, not envy others, avoid bragging, be healthy of mind, and to love virtue. Would you recommend us to your friends and colleagues? The feast was added to the Roman calendar in the seventh century as the Dormitio. When the procession reached the Garden of Gethsemane, then amidst the weeping and the wailing began the last kiss to the all-pure body. The holy city of Jerusalem is separated from the Mount of Olives by the valley of Kedron on Josaphat. The Dormition of Mary; The Dormition of the Mother of God is a Great Feast of the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches which commemorates the “falling asleep” or death of Mary the Theotokos (“Mother of God”, literally translated as God-bearer), and her bodily resurrection before being taken up into heaven.It is celebrated on 15 August (28 August N.S. In this case, breaking the fast is postponed to the next day. The Feast of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos is celebrated with special solemnity at Gethsemane, the place of Her burial. Kissing the all-pure body with reverence and in awe, the Disciples in turn were blessed by it and filled with grace and spiritual joy. According to Orthodox Tradition, Mary died like all humanity, \"falling asleep,\" so to speak, as the name of the feast indicates. The holy Patriarch Juvenal of Jerusalem (420-458) testified before the emperor Marcian (450-457) as to the authenticity of the tradition about the miraculous ascent of the Mother of God to Heaven, and he sent to the empress, Saint Pulcheria (September 10), the grave wrappings of the Mother of God from Her tomb. Numerous pilgrims, having kissed the icon of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos, following an ancient custom, then stoop down and go beneath it. The Fount of Life is placed in the grave, and the grave doth become the ladder to Heaven...” Here at the grave of the All-Pure Virgin, these words strike deep with their original sense and grief is dispelled by joy: “Hail, Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee, granting the world, through Thee, great mercy!”. The procession, going along for about two hours, concludes with Lamentations at the Gethsemane church. How will US foreign policy change with the new Secretary of State? She called each of them to Herself by name, She blessed them and extolled them for their faith and the hardships they endured in preaching the Gospel of Christ. The Byzantine Life. The faithful, whose number by then was impossible to count, gathered together, says Saint John of Damascus, like clouds and eagles, to listen to the Mother of God. For the Mother of God, death has become a smooth transition from temporal life to life eternal. Regarding the clothing which She wore, She was satisfied to have natural colors, which even now is evidenced by Her holy head-covering. Tony Blinken. Ukrainian singer BÁLLI presents lyric video for debut single, Two Ukrainian students found wounded in Poland, Interlocutors illegally supply coal from occupied Donbas to Ukraine, EU, Funds for support of businesses to be allocated from Covid-fund, - official, Eurovision National Selection participants Cloudless present video of bilingual single, Ukraine’s Health Ministry renews ‘red’ zones list: 38 countries included, Melovin to give online concert on New Year's Night. Dormition of the Mother of God. Like the Apostles, She helped plant and strengthen the Christian Church by Her presence, Her discourse and Her prayers. One should not wear bad shoes - old and uncomfortable. The face of the Mother of God was radiant with the glory of Divine virginity, and from Her body there came a sweet fragrance. From the feast of the Dormition, girls' parents welcomed matchmakers and planned a wedding, which was usually celebrated on October, 14.

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