Note, creatine will lose its effectiveness during cutting, and will not put on any muscle. Some creatines, such as creatine monohydrate and micronized creatine to a lesser degree, have been reported to cause bloating and water retention. Many tend to stick to basic powders because they are cheaper, but if money is not an issue, liquid creatines are an option. They always give their users much more muscle gains than when using nitric oxide or creatine alone! I believe, for people who want to stick with what's been proven and works, micronized creatine is best over monohydrate with the same effects and less of the side effects. There seems to be newer and newer forms of creatine hitting the market all the time. Click Here to Sign Up for Your Free Muscle and Fitness Magazine, What type of creatine to buy (micronized vs. monohydrate); and. It is much more soluble and absorbent, and absorbs 99% as opposed to the 1% of monohydrate! It is the same when it comes to creatine. Most people have no idea that creatine has such amazing health benefits as well as the obvious muscle building and energy providing one. More energy than what monohydrate will give. Many believe that the conversion of creatine into creatinine is directly related to the functions of PH levels, and that the resulting conversion of creatine into creatinine, a waster product, can be avoided by manipulating the PH level. This certainly won't hit your wallet as hard as some of the other forms of creatine will. Orotic acid is a precursor of nucleic acids which help optimal cell functioning and energy use from ATP. What do you see in the future for creatine? God bless! DIMAXX Muscle Creatine + Rating: 1.25 out of 5 stars. There are many different forms of creatine, from creatine monohydrate to creatine ethyl ester to creatine orotate. As a result, I would suggest, for cutting, one use a more soluble creatine such as CEE or creatine serum or tri creatine malate. I have not tried all of them. Read on to find out if you agree. This increases their surface area 20 times, increasing absorption and reducing stomach discomfort. All of this without the negative effects of creatine such as bloating, insolubility, muscle cramps, and stomach pains and diarrhea. There are no pure creatine citrate products available, all expensive and mixed with other stuff. No matter what, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. Creatine causes some people to bloat or retain water. Of those three, Germany (AlzChem manufacturer) produces the purest creatine without impurities. However, CEE does not lead to the infamous "creatine bloat" that results from monohydrate usage. This is basically creatine dissolved in water. More effective because of increased absorption. Believe it or not, research has shown that creatine can increase growth hormone production! Insulin spikes occur roughly 30 min after ingesting the sugar, while protein and creatine tend to take about 90 minutes to be at their highest concentration in the blood stream. The ideas are there, there just needs to be more scientific research and more scientific backing. Creatinine is a useless substance which puts strain on the kidneys. As always, as time goes on, something will improve. "Extra creatine is therefore ergogenic, because it may help generate more power output during intense exercise." Creapure® claims very high purity and quality. Does not cause any of the side effects of monohydrate such as bloating or stomach discomfort. Many non-responders also find themselves responding to CEE. People prefer effervescent creatine due to the added taste, increased absorption, added solubility, and the lack of bloating that regular powdered creatines do not offer. Caffeine will not counter-act the effects of creatine, and may even help! No loading phase or a 1 day loading phase. I'm entitled to my opinion! Therefore, micronized creatine is a form of monohydrate creatine. It all depends on which forms of creatine you are using. For bulking, your aim is to gain as much muscle weight as possible, and you don't care about how ripped or defined you look. I like the affordability of Sci-Fit Kre-Alkalyn, however, I feel Kre-Alkalyn lacks any actually scientific proof to the claims it makes. Effervescent creatine is a new trend that is catching on with some bodybuilders and athletes. Therefore, you’ll need to read the online product description. Those esters are formed by a process known as esterification, which is the reaction of carboxylic acids and alcohols. This makes it much more effective. Because it is only slightly more expensive than monohydrate, while providing enormous side benefits such as much more solubility and absorption into the body (99% more! The original still has its uses and advantages, such as being cheap, available, and most reliable form. Topic of the Week gives forum members the chance to share their knowledge with the world! Frankly, you want the purest form of creatine possible. Usually mixed with other vitamins and amino acids. In my opinion, there are some advancements in creatine that have been extremely effective to improve it. As I said, CEE is monohydrate with an extra ester... but what does that added ester mean? However, there have also been advancements that are useless and create products that are less effective than monohydrate. I don’t have a lab and haven’t tested it … but I take them for their word. CEE has all of the benefits of regular monohydrate, plus some. It also gives you the energy to work out harder and longer for growing more muscle mass. Creatine cocktails are usually mixed with other amino acids such as glutamine and taurine. There are capsule forms, however, that eliminate this. It is cheaper per serving than the other leading liquid creatine, MMUSA ATP Advantage Creatine Serum, and thus, you get more servings for your money. However, it’s working great for me now. The biggest reason to care about the actual source of creatine in your creatine supplement because of where it’s made. As an added bonus, the sugar in effervescent creatines might increase the rate of uptake of the creatine into the cells. © 2020 Increases energy (ATP levels) for activities that require short bouts of quick energy such as lifting, sprinting, and HIIT cardio. I am here to shed some light on the subject of creatine and its many (new) forms and the one dinosaur that you won't find in any museums, creatine monohydrate. Greatly reduces unwanted monohydrate side effects such as bloating and stomach discomfort. When this compound is formed, it is said to be more soluble in water than your basic creatine monohydrate. When the cells entire build up of ATP has been called upon, however, that cell cannot contract any longer. When this bond is broken, the cell is given power and the contraction occurs. For example, the most famous of this effect is stacking (using at the same time) NO and creatine. May contain impurities if not bought from a reputable company. While this is enough to show that creatine monohydrate is much, much less expensive there’s more. Creatine Ethyl Ester. This means that it will be broken down quicker in your body and more easily absorbed by your muscle cells. Some users report astonishing results, while others claim no results at all. Many foods that can be found in your local supermarket, such as beef and salmon, are high in creatine, but the creatine that can be gained from pounds of those foods can be found in as little as one scoop of creatine. This time, the molecule is orotic acid. Also, it only works for 80% of users, so 1/5 of people are non-responders to monohydrate! Is there a difference between the various forms of creatine? Micronized creatine is basically purer and more soluble than monohydrate, but it's still the exact same chemical! The brand simply markets the product. Of course! I do suggest one change the form of creatine he uses when cutting. What this eliminates is the possibility of any gastric/intestinal disruption, and also effects the ATP cycle more efficiently than basic monohydrate. I believe, for people who want to stick with what's been proven and works, micronized creatine is best over monohydrate with the same effects and less of the side effects. For example, Creapure® is manufactured in Germany.℠ and BodySpace® are trademarks of However, it all depends on whether or not you personally will tend to experience them, or not. I believe micronized creatine should now be considered the original, because it is essentially pure monohydrate, but broken into smaller molecules to increase surface area and therefore absorption. Micronized creatine monohydrate is a newer form of creatine monohydrate that sets a new standard for the world's regular creatine monohydrates. I haven’t taken creatine all that long … wish I had started sooner. Purity is important when searching for a creatine product, because, the purer, the more effective!

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