This means that whiteboards make humans act as input devices that control the functions of the computer through a touch screen. Any device you can think of like computers, microscopes, cameras, and video cameras can be attached to the boards to enhance instruction. Also, please share your experience with the technology. 76 0 obj <> endobj The interactive whiteboard has become a tool to engage students, provide for student involvement in the learning process and has generally made learning more fun for both teacher and student. h��U�n�0�>nR]|��"@�6��� joP��K�Āc���?Q��IzK�2�)�"�sLɁ�t@��,�@z�r��y� ��\��`�N�����I��:���g!�0��}2�3m���c4�gL#U��A*��g�ҷdz2&�z�w��99c���zN�QN��Z�B~���g�U�A�Le�dd��U2_h`�R�\=�|2N�y �k��۞��940�S�G�;���$}�%KU¥���2ξV�$U��5��e�4y^�O~����O�Id�.��-�e^,��n�TY�&��:N�� �� Please add to the advantages and disadvantages of technology. I like the way you explain the things. A potential buyer must check out the pros and cons of interactive whiteboards before actually investing in them as it will help him to weigh out the different advantages and disadvantages … The interactive whiteboard has made a jump to the classroom and has been able to have just as significant of an impact but for many different reasons. This allows the user to become a human input device and control the computer functions via the touch screen, while projecting the computer images on a large surface. Teachers who use smart boards in class report a rise in the quality of teaching. They basically link a computer to a touch sensitive screen and a projector. The whiteboard, since its invention has come a long way and today it is one of the most common fixtures in schools, universities, hospitals as well as organizations where information has to be displayed to an audience. By Thierry KARSENTI mais aussi onophage à utiliser y 2016. For example, in latest home AC, disabled people can control the temperature of a room, check the voltage of AC, AC timer from mobile or tablet device. It helps disabled people perform their tasks like iPad and other interactive devices used. 1.2.1 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Smart Board Many studies show that students’ achievements increase significantly ocne interactive whiteboards are used for teaching purposes. 91 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<88AEB94CA09EBF498A619C3E442FB14F>]/Index[76 25]/Info 75 0 R/Length 86/Prev 259796/Root 77 0 R/Size 101/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream 7) Proven Effectiveness Hi, you explained the topic very well. h�b```f``�d`e`��ed@ A�rd1�G��ƶ�|���5��A��{%�Y�$�' @�j��R�e��: �, @��h������b>��[�nY���,���i7�?��Lۘ&�N����aX� ���@�$F!� N].� Interactive Whiteboards: Advantages and Disadvantages Interactive whiteboards are tools used commonly in education that link a computer to a projector and a touch-sensitive screen. A survey of 11,683 students and 1,131 teachers. Legal deposit Library and Archives Canada, 2016 ISBN: 978-2-923808-52-9 endstream endobj 77 0 obj <> endobj 78 0 obj <> endobj 79 0 obj <>stream The contents has provided meaningful information thanks for sharing info.Interactive whiteboard. 0 As a result, the possibilities are near endless. This blog is created for my IT course assignment. This comment has been removed by the author. The Interactive Whiteboard (IWB): Uses, Bene˜ts, and Challenges. ( �Z�Q��P,�HV:/��Nq���K����?�f�}���M� �2i��(�h��{�1X�E\#����Ɣ��Q���M�{�(o�G��q �#9���Q�G��͍w?2k��N�5�����;��x�om�6! %%EOF h�bbd```b``:"�A$��"���٧��J�H>�� LN�d�Iw�FH2d��M�������H���q�O� ~ Very nice and helpful information has been given in this article. %PDF-1.6 %���� Thanks..Interactive whiteboard. This rise is Advantages of interactive systems. Interactive whiteboards can be defined as large white screens which are connected to computers as well as projectors, which allows students and teachers to draw or write on the display. Interactive Whiteboards: Advantages and Disadvantages, Projection of computer images on a larger screen for audience viewing, Manipulation of computer functions while standing (rather than from the computer), Incorporation of video and images into traditional teaching lessons, Touch sensitive board has limitations; sometimes is not sensitive enough. |sT�ƿM�Mzv�Hv�ʬE l#��Cv$��k��hV����Ys���'�v�ElnwjO��A�J):�te�J�� +������h�Ç�l{���jf�(ph. endstream endobj startxref PDF | This study examines key ideas, evidences, and works of interactive whiteboards on education over the ten-year period from 2002 to 2011. 100 0 obj <>stream Advantages and disadvantages of interactive systems. Interactive whiteboard technology allows for the integration of various other technologies to enhance student learning. [��m����$Z�m^��ɬ�%lV��1�^#��$2���.�|��Ϫ��T5�?�jIwT}uu����0O�ߕv�������7�8L����g{ Keep posting.

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