Thunderstorm Music! Here are five items that may help your dog stay calm during thunderstorms. Chances are, you'll be fine! How can I stay calm during a thunderstorm?...So I may be be a little afraid of thunderstorms... or a lot afraid. And it's weird because usually there aren't thunderstorms here until like May … Think calming thoughts and keep them off of the storm. Don't get frustrated if you don't get used to them immediately, or you see no change the next time there's a storm. We have come up with some solutions to help calm her. It is so bad that she sometimes needs to be medicated during storms and fireworks. Try doing this a few times a week to help decrease your fear. Method 1 Staying Calm. Avoid focusing on the thunderstorm. Mask the sound Playing the TV or radio will help to reduce the impact of loud noises and can help to keep your pet calm. 1. One of our Chihuahuas has really bad storm phobia. Best Answer. This isn't easy, but pets sometimes interpret attempts to calm and soothe them as extra attention and a reward for their behavior, says Dogster. However, you should wait until the sounds of storms do not make you overly upset. To help your frightened pet stay calm during a thunderstorm, start by ignoring your pet's nervous behavior. The first thing is to know when a storm system might be coming. I don't really know exactly why but I'm just really scared and paranoid when there's a thunderstorm. It's just a thunder-storm. Stay away from big windows, ceiling lights, ceiling fans, and just outside in general. Yeah, a thunderstorm. Try to stay calm and relaxed. Last update: Sep 9, 2020 1 answer. Guess what's happening right now? Plan ahead for ways to help your dog stay calm during thunderstorms . Keep an eye on the weather. The first one of the year for where I live. Here are seven tips to keep your pet calm during a thunderstorm. We reserve medication as a last resort. Create a thunderstorm plan. Calm your Dog During Thunder and Lightning - Stop Dog Shaking, Crying, Barking. Do this occasionally during calm weather so you know that you are safe. How to Calm Your Dog During a Thunderstorm. Don't panic. You also can watch videos of storms. _____ Don't worry about those too much, though. Play music, or movies(on your laptop without connecting to charger.) Calming your dog during a thunderstorm can be very challenging, especially when these fears become associated with other activities or events happening during the storm. Dr. Ben Clemmett • Jun 08, 2020. If you panic, it'll just get you more scared.

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