If you’re a real guitar player, you undoubtedly take great pride in recording your sound exactly right on tape, er, disc. As far as guitar amps go, dynamic microphones are more common, both for studio and live use. Many amplifiers will have an output jack in the back labeled "line out", or something similar. Mic Guitar Amp For Live sound: Final Thoughts. One of the rare exceptions is when you need something to mic up cymbals on live shows. This will give the "truest" sound of the amp through the mic. Obviously, the sound that ultimately comes out of the speakers is the "true" sound that is heard by the audience, so using the "line out" jack to feed a signal to the PA is the least desirable option. Place the second SM-57 pointing straight at the speaker’s cone. Typically I use the trusted and popular electric guitar amp mic, the Shure SM57. Place the second SM-57 pointing straight at the speaker’s cone. IMPORTANT: place a sound baffle between the 2 mics. (you may have to slightly turn up the gain on this mic. Place the mic against the grille cloth in an "off set" position toward the speaker edge, rather than directly in the middle of the speaker. IMPORTANT: place a sound … You likely spend countless hours tweaking your amp and adjusting the mic to get the sound … This signal is "post" amplifier, but "pre" speaker and, as a result, the signal that is being fed to the PA or recording device represents the sound that is produced by the amp itself. The biggest tip for a good sound with only one mic is to place the mic … These days, even the most modest club has a mixer capable of miking up quite large bands easily, and a microphone on the guitar amp is the norm. In other words, any distortions, reverbs or effects that are processed by the amp and/or pedals is the sound that is output at the "line" level - but not the actual sound that comes out of the speakers. Put this mic 10inches away from the speaker’s grill. When doing a sound check, turn the amp up to normal playing volume so that the sound engineer can tweak the guitar level and blend it properly with the rest of the band. Overall, condenser microphones are more expensive, require an additional power source (like phantom power), and are way more sensitive. The SM-57 has been the mic of choice for tracking guitars almost since the beginning of time and has captured more great moments in guitar playing than any other mic in history.. When micing an amp, the first thing to decide is what kind of microphone to use. Your email address will not be published. The problem I have with the sound crew controlling the volume of my amp on stage is they don’t respect my needing to hear my guitar. The noise-masking acoustic diffusion you get in the best live venues lets you get away with all kinds of tricks, from extreme EQing to dynamics processing that would sound awful on a studio album. This workhorse of a mic is an industry standard that has many instrument mic applications, and is hard to beat in sound replication and reliability. This could yield some cool results. This has led to smaller amps being used on stage, for several reasons. There are also times, even in a smaller, low volume venue, that running the guitar amp through the PA is a good idea, just to add some "presence", and to fill out the overall mix of the band. Mod… Put this mic 10inches away from the speaker’s grill. In a live setting, the biggest challenge most engineers face is getting the most gain without feedback, and the noise onstage and from the venue’s mechanical systems typically masks finer details like the noise floor of the mics. If you're playing a gig on a big stage, outdoor festival, arena, or large venue, you're probably going to be faced with having to run your guitar amp into the PA system. (you may have to slightly turn up the gain on this mic. All rights reserved. There is nothing to be embarrassed about in case you did not know where the … Shine a flashlight into the front of the amp and locate the speaker face.

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