Open the bag it will look like as shown in the pic below. It is one of those quick and easy paper crafts which is not only going to save you money but also get you appreciation. These pictures were first published on author’s blog. Would love to hear from you. It all depends on the look you want and at times what you have available. If you want to add some colours, you can paint your gift bag with water colour or poster colours. Now keep your precious gift in it to make it more precious. Apply glue on Bottom edge of the paper and paste the two sides with glue. Step 2 – Cut the chart paper. Next we will be working on the length of the bag and creating a base, Fold Bottom edge as shown below to make the bottom or base of the bag. Based on the size estimated above, cut your paper to form a rectangle. Her Blog -, Love books, travelling, gardening and food. Not only will they save you money but are also reusable and environment friendly. Today I am sharing some beautiful and useful tutorials to make handmade bags and purses.These ideas are not only easy but clever and genius in different ways. Look at your gift and determine the size of paper you will need. This video will show how to make a beautiful paper bag. Lavanya stays in Hyderabad. So friends, don’t you find this a wonderful gift wrapping idea? Fold inwards along the side crease to form triangular shaped creases as shown below. Now let us get back to the DIY handmade paper bag tutorial. So I started making it and to be true, I was surprised to see the outcome. Now we need the fold the Bottom edge (1/4th paper) as shown below. Don’t you find this paper bag craft idea interesting and beautiful ? This is a very simple handmade paper bag. Your DIY paper gift bag is ready. All rights reserved. How to Make a Beautiful Paper Bag - Paper Bag Making at Home - … Step Two: Cut out the rectangle you traced, and then cut out another one that's a bit smaller and … You can save your time by using the naturally straight edges of the chart paper. Do share if you have made a paper gift bag using comments below. Stay connected with us using your favorite social media, we can be found on. How to Make Beautiful Bag With Colour … Look at your gift and determine the size of paper you will need. Locate the center points of the top and bottom edges. Francois used plain paper bags (or kraft paper), hardwood scraps, skewers, a leather belt, and brass hardware to create the basket. Always take extra paper as you will need to fold paper to form sides and base as well. Apply glue on one side and paste it, Step 5 – Create a base of the paper bag by following below steps, Step 6 – Create Gussets or pleated margins by following below steps, Step 7 – Decorate your bag and add finishing touches. Fold both the sides of the bag as shown below. Well this have me an idea of making a paper bag at home. Enable registration in settings - general, We love hearing from you. This will give you an approximate idea of the size of paper you are going to need. Just make this beautiful bag at home and make your gift much more personal and interesting. Unfold the last fold made. Note- You can use a ruler to mark the center point, 1/4 point of the paper and 3/4 point of the paper. I have used chart paper for making this DIY Gift Bag but you can use old newspapers, magazines, craft papers or wrapping papers. Here are some fabulous ideas for: Handmade bags and purses best tutorial If needed you can place your gift on the paper and wrap it around. In case if you liked this article do show your support by sharing this article. Apply glue on triangular shaped creases/flaps as shown below. You will find handbags, clutches, laptop bags and more great ideas. Downloadable Printables (for readers outside India), How to make a Paper gift bag at home step by step, Step 3 – Fold Top edge of the chart paper, Step 4 – Fold Bottom edge of the chart paper . Pinch the margins created above and crease down the middle of the side. Fold the triangular shaped flaps inwards, repeat for another flap. To do this, you can either calculate the center … Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to make a paper gift bag at home. Apart from her keen interest in crafts, embroidery and knitting she has also written 500 telugu poems. For handle you can use a rope or use satin ribbons, may be add beads. You can also add handles, 40+ Handpicked Diwali Activities Crafts for Kids (Free printables) DIY Decor Crafts & Home Decor. This will create pleats on both sides of the bags. Now she helps other craft lovers by sharing her experiences on crafting. Site Designed and Copyright by DIY: Paper Bag Making !!! Honest reviews . You can use a punching machine to make holes on the side of bags. Today’s Features. Importance of car seats for infants and toddlers. Let it dry for some time. You can also use wrapping papers or another chart paper to add some colours to your DIY paper bag. How to Make a Paper Bag with Newspaper – Paper Bag Making … While thinking of gift wrapping ideas and looking for something I could use to wrap my gift, I found a chart paper and a ribbon in my cupboard. And was also very quick and easy to make. Here are step by step instructions (with pictures) on how you can make Paper gift Bag at home with paper and ribbons. These paper gift bags are an excellent alternative to plastic bags or wrapping papers. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. Based on the size estimated above, cut your paper to form a rectangle. Insert a cardboard piece for the base. Moreover, the gift was an odd shape so was not easy to wrap as well. What I decided to do is to decorate by using satin ribbon and folding my paper bag in accordion style. I bought the gift but forgot to get it wrap.When I reached home I found I don’t even have a gift paper to wrap it. Immediately grab a paper, glue and scissors and start making a DIY paper bag at home. Tie a beautiful satin ribbon around your bag. Now this is your half finished Paper bag and you can see what the width of your gift bag is going to be. Easy & Fun India Independence Day Crafts for Kids | (Free worksheets & printable included), Halloween printables for toddlers and preschoolers and coloring pages, Lowercase Alphabet writing tracing printables pdf worksheets preschool nursery worksheets, abc Flash cards pdf printable Lowercase small letter Flashcards Preschool | Homeschool | PreK Flash Cards | Montessori | Kindergarten | At Home Learning, an word family worksheets pdf – Kindergarten kids, Lowercase Alphabet writing tracing printables worksheets preschool nursery worksheets – PDF, Shop our products (if you are outside India), Chart Paper (the size of the paper depends upon the size of gift). Or you can choose to fold your paper to find its center, 1/4 and 3/4 points. Paper Bag Making At Home || How To Make Shopping Bag With … So I happily went to the party with my gift wrapped in a beautiful handmade paper bag. The homemade paper gift bag was looking quite different and attractive. Do you really need it? Fold your paper in accordion style. Now this is the final step and it actually depends on what you want to do. Design kids products and worksheets @soestorekids & make websites @bloggingmadeeasier . Now we need the fold the top edge (1/4th paper) as shown below. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. I usually cut from the corners instead of the middle and use a ruler for marking straight lines before I cut anything.

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