With transmission or the passing of time modifications may well occur, but frequently the alterations in the rules have only limited significance. You are leaving Cambridge Core and will be taken to this journal's article submission site. 300. ius (not jus; i.e. if required): e.g. : This is known in the economic literature as “market failure”;12. Halsbury's Laws of England, 4th ed., vol. One way in which law protects dignity is by enforcing human rights provisions that explicitly prohibit degradation. And yet, the two most startling, and at the same time most obvious, characteristics of legal rules are the apparent ease with which they can be transplanted from one system or society to another, and their capacity for long life. The note indicator should be placed after the quotation: e.g. In-text: (Hayton, 1977) Your Bibliography: Hayton, D., 1977. We do not work with such companies. 1401-4 (28 February 1995), HL Deb. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Many are the leading journals in their fields and together they form one of the most valuable and Place the sentence's … The database mainly covers law reports and law periodicals but some other legal publications are also included. Numbers in cross-references should be highlighted. You are leaving Cambridge Core and will be taken to this journal's article submission site. Few other legal notions operate such gross or systematic deception. Cambridge law journal (Print) Material Type: Periodical, Internet resource: Document Type: Internet Resource, Computer File, Journal / Magazine / Newspaper: All Authors / Contributors: Cambridge University Law Society. (not Interlego AG v Tyco Industries Inc. [1989] A.C. 217 (P.C. The database mainly covers law reports and law periodicals but some other legal publications are also included. Others have supposed it to be a particular aspect of natural law, or the universal ius gentium, and as such akin to international law. A.G. If the manuscript is sent for review, the reviewers are given a standard period of four weeks (though this may be extended if the reviewer needs more time). It is true that acknowledgement of the susceptibility of prerogative decisions to judicial review, in principle, was accompanied by warnings about the constraints of justiciability in practice; but the various supposed categories of non-justiciable decision-making have been gradually breached and eroded in the course of common law development. Authors, particularly those whose first language is not English, may wish to have their English-language manuscripts checked by a native speaker before submission. It is now widely accepted that English contract law does not deal equally well across the whole range of agreements that are made. A perennial question is “Do legal rules reflect a society's desires, needs and aspirations?” The answer which is ordinarily given or is just assumed is positive though minor qualifications are usually urged. R. Brazier, " Constitutional Reform and the Crown" in M. Sunkin and S. Payne (eds. Schedule of Par Values, 9th Issue. However, the Senior Case-Note Editor welcomes proposals for case-notes. Names: References to cases carry full points and v does not carry a full point and is in italic. as Knight v Boughton (1844) 8 E.R. D.G.T. Note: Citations are based on reference standards. Note: Citations are based on reference standards. Case 26/62, Van Gen en Loos v NederlandseAdministratie der Belastingen [1963] E.C.R. Once the external reviews have been received, the General Editor will make an assessment based on those reviews and their own assessment of the paper. This page lists all time most cited articles for this title. For good reasons, the Journal may publish an article with longer footnotes. The abbreviated citation should only refer to the neutral citation (where it exists), or the Law Report where no neutral citation exists. vol. Decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union before 2011 may use the ECLI method or may continue to be cited as follows: Number, names of the parties in italics, year in square brackets, report (without the date of the decision), e.g. These consequences may considerably restrict the person's prospects for earning a living or his mobility. ", "vol. If you request colour figures in the printed version, you will be contacted by CCC-Rightslink who are acting on our behalf to collect Author Charges. Shorter Articles: These should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words, including footnotes. The fear of false allegations has been used to justify evidential rules in cases involving sexual offences such as the corroboration warning, the retention of the marital rape immunity and continues to influence police and prosecutorial decision-making. Those with money to invest in are increasingly conscious of how the selections they make when purchasing shares may have wide-reaching effects. The following should be italicised: Latin abbreviations should be in roman but retain full points: cf., e.g., ibid., i.e., loc. Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this journal to your organisation's collection. RESTRICTING RESTRICTIONS: LESSONS FOR THE EU FROM THE US? For this purpose, we have collected information on the position of all law schools within the structure of their respective universities. Law, of course, exists in society and for society's needs. Publishing your article as Gold Open Access. You are leaving Cambridge Core and will be taken to this journal's article submission site. Categories of Publication Accepted . Except in quoted matter English spelling should be used (labour, not labor). Cancel. Charges apply for all colour figures that appear in the print version of the journal. Significant points should be included in the text and not in the footnotes. Find out more about the Kindle Personal Document Service. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. The latest citescore of Cambridge Law Journal is 0.30.CiteScore is a new standard that gives a more comprehensive, transparent and current view of a journal’s impact that will help you guide your journal more effectively in the future. Full stops should be outside closing parentheses unless the parenthesis is a complete sentence beginning with a capital letter. Where referring to pages, “p.”, “pp.” are avoided. References to specific pages do not use “at,” “p.” or “pp.”: F.H. 1, Case C-234/02 P, European Ombudsman v Lamberts [2004] E.C.R. Online Resources. Type with initial capitals for main words only and in italics (precede by A, B, etc. HC Deb. Note: Some journals change from consecutive volume numbers to year identification (eg Cambridge Law Journal used the year from 1954 to 1967). “the four defendants”. Capitals. All punctuation marks should be outside closing quotation marks except an exclamation mark, question mark, dash or parenthesis belonging only to the quotation or a full point at the end of a grammatically complete sentence beginning with a capital letter. Does it perform this function successfully? (both lower case). THERE can be little doubt that the spectre of false rape allegations has significantly influenced the development of legal doctrine and its enforcement. Dates. Merely use a comma or, for paragraphs, “, at [xx]”: e.g. These are arranged alphabetically by journal title. Newark, "The Boundaries of Nuisance" (1949) 65 L.Q.R. Re McPhail and other Appellants v Doulton and Other Respondents (sometimes referred to as Re Baden’s Trust) [1971] A.C. 424. The details are to be mentioned in the reference list given at the end of the documents. & Fin.513). Spelling. But the classic exposition is now widely controverted; an example may be taken from the recent remark of the Lord President of the Court of Session. Citation Style: Superscripted Number Date: Monday, August 31, 2009 Discipline: Law File Name: Cambridge Law Journal.ens Publisher: Cambridge University Press URL: Based On: Bibliography Sort Order: Appearance-Order BibField1: Author BibField2: Title BibField3: Journal Indent: N

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