144 GALLONS Water used to produce 1 gallon of milk in the US. In fact, dairy cows are more likely to be vulnerable to the effects of climate change than cows that are housed, because housing provides shelter and technological options to … Since 2008 Benjamin has focused on the infrastructure, industrials, and materials sectors. %%EOF A meat tax could be an effective tool to influence consumer behaviour. At the same time, livestock products are responsible for more GHG emissions than most other food sources. Our analysts strive to deliver differentiated market insights, actionable ideas and collaborative Research across asset classes. Dairy cows and their manure produce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. startxref Based on avg, car emissions of 130g CO2/km x 50km per day x 250 days p.a. trailer 0 We serve our institutional investor clients by helping them to understand developments in global markets and offering execution and risk management tools across each major asset class. As government, investor and consumer pressure grows to address agriculture’s contribution to climate change, we explore possible solutions to be adopted by industry, policymakers and consumers. Title: How climate change will impact cows and the dairy industry: Media name/outlet: The Independent: Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Our analysts argue there are limitations to online’s market share of the food retail sector. Dairy’s (climate) changing future. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000001004 00000 n 28 0 obj<> endobj He joined Barclays in 2016 from HSBC where he held a similar position after having started his career as a small & midcap analyst. And unsustainable dairy farming and feed production can lead to the loss of ecologically important areas, such as prairies, wetlands, and forests. Cattle are responsible for 9% of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, or 4.7 gigatonnes a year (source: FAO). Authorised clients of Barclays Investment Bank can log in to Barclays Live to read the full report Winds of change: the next environmental debate by the Sustainable & Thematic Investing team in Equity Research. 0000001084 00000 n An uneasy alliance: can the world be less reliant on oil? 0000001395 00000 n 0000001263 00000 n Can the rise of the alternative meat industry help provide a solution to concerns over health and large-scale farming’s impacts on climate change, animal welfare and waste? But action will require clear economic incentives as well as environmental dividends. 0000002819 00000 n the performance and well-being of cows, or indirectly, e.g. 0000002853 00000 n 30 0 obj<>stream 0000005516 00000 n As the FAO stated in the report, “improving the carbon footprint of the dairy sector is a key element of sustainable milk production.” He holds a master's degree in International Economics (Mag.rer.soc.oec) from a joint program at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). 0000006639 00000 n 9% Amount of available US cropland used to grow feed crops for dairy cows… Switching from grazing to more intensive feeding systems can lead both to better yields and to lower emissions intensity per unit of cattle. Producers and retailers could enjoy premium pricing for ‘climate friendly’ meat and dairy. <<81c250b4f7669e449e57f19b1d514518>]>> By Lauren Hull, University of Melbourne Therefore, high-producing dairy cows are more sensitive to heat stress. x�b```"V�7����ea�h ���X؝���=��a�ݻ�J}�{Y|^*�p���\vu"����L�XSP��%��5�ni�.�k���,b3�e�9�` �L�]@ ��PpB3��E�x8��O*0�9\湠���V��I���b��%��7�[ �PG�5 ��� )2� ؏ɇ*YU��.�q �9g%���꘬֣�z�r.J����q\(��`q�}I�Țf̐ς4�. Population growth and ‘westernisation’ of diets means that consumer demand for meat and dairy is likely to increase. FEEDING THE US DAIRY HERDS. Avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet, according to the scientists behind the … Insects require certain temperatures to grow and reproduce. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are studying the positive impacts this has on climate change. 0000008302 00000 n Independent analysts have suggested the agricultural sector needs to reduce its GHG emissions by 90% by 2050 to help keep global warming below the 2oC limit set by the Paris UN Agreement in 2015 (Source: European Commission Global Energy and Climate Outlook 2018). 28 22 For large-scale change to take place, legislation is imperative, in our view. Sebastian Satz is a Director within Barclays' European Chemicals Equity Research team and has been analyzing chemical companies for more than a decade. “The management impact is twofold: the value of manure nutrients for growing crops, and mitigation of water quality issues from spreading manure.” Dou said that the US should support these practices, and showing the research to the public and to policymakers is critical to furthering the industry and combating challenges from climate change. 0000003599 00000 n Providing large corporate, government and institutional clients with a full spectrum of strategic advisory, financing and risk management solutions. Over the next 30 years, all else being equal, we estimate beef production could add another 15% to today’s methane emissions. Brick and mortar stores must focus on productivity and convenience to generate a true omni-channel experience for customers. She joined from Marakon, a strategy consulting boutique where she worked on developing strategies for organic growth and commercial optimisation across the healthcare and insurance markets. Cezara Lozneanu has been part of the Barclays Chemicals team since July 2018. Global beef and dairy consumption is on the rise – and it generates more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than all the world’s cars, threatening long-term climate targets. 0000001781 00000 n For farmers, feeding solutions that both raise yields and reduce emissions may be compelling. An expanded Impact Series study finds that tilting portfolios in favour of high ESG bonds can generate positive returns across various markets, geographies and sectors. Read news and stories about our business, our people and our work in the community. Global beef and dairy consumption is on the rise – and it generates more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than all the world’s cars, threatening long-term climate targets. 0000007261 00000 n Impact of climate change on livestock. ... of which 50% occurs in the dairy industry (St-Pierre et al., 2003). 0000000736 00000 n GHG reduction figures are indicative only. Cattle are responsible for 9% of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, or 4.7 gigatonnes a year (source: FAO). The dairy industry is adaptive by nature, but farmers are likely to face a range of new challenges due to the ever-increasing impact of climate change. 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