Stir in the egg whites, add vanilla and zest and let cool for 20 minutes. Two 8-ounce cans crushed pineapple. After that, combine with pasta. It’s one of those cold creamy salad recipes with a sweet pop of flavor and enough fruit to make it one of the best Easter side dishes ever. So don’t worry, no actual frogs were harmed in the … This easy salad goes great alongside picnic favorites like pork belly burnt ends, orange fluff ,and instant pot baked beans. 1/2 cup sugar. Kosher salt. Cook on medium heat stirring constantly and let it come to a full boil and remove from heat. Prep time does not include the overnight soaking of the tapioca, Total Carbohydrate Next juice your lemon and orange. If you don’t have enough, add some pineapple juice from your crushed pineapple. Add fruit cocktail. Absolutely,  frogs eye salad can easily be made ahead making it perfect for potlucks or backyard barbecues. What is you favorite picnic side dish? If you’re looking to make this a healthier treat, omit some of the sugar (just note the dish will be less sweet). I thought it was more of a midwest thing. 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour. This easy salad goes great alongside picnic favorites like pork belly burnt ends, orange fluff ,and instant pot baked beans. Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find great delight in his commands. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Fold in whipped cream. Cook until thickened. My brother in law told my kids not to eat grandma's salad because it was made with fish eyes!! Soak tapioca and water over night,drain Add milk and salt and cook until transparent. Drain and set aside. Someone out in the Blogosphere found The Family Curator this week while searching for “frog eye salad with minute tapioca”, but the only reference I can find is in a comment posted to this article, originally published in July 2009. Always quick to disappear at BBQs and potlucks! Learn how your comment data is processed. Part of the appeal of the acini di pepe pasta, is its small size and neutral flavor (not to mention the appearance of the pasta is what gives the salad its name). Frog Eye Salad:This cool and creamy salad is the perfect make ahead side dish. This classic treat can be served as a dessert or as a delicious side dish. Acini de pepe frog eye salad is known for being a fruity and sweet treat, and can often be found at barbecues, picnics and church potlucks everywhere. The base of the salad is actually  pasta called Acini Di Pepe. Deselect All. In a sauce pan, combine sugar, flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt, pineapple juice and eggs. Add sugar, and cool. Just before serving, add fruit and Cool Whip. Prep time does not include the overnight soaking of the tapioca You want about 1 cup total. Nov 29, 2019 - Explore Elizabeth's board "Tapioca fruit salad recipe" on Pinterest. With refreshing pineapple, whipped cream and tasty marshmallows , this dish is sure to stand out at your next get together for both it’s fruity taste and its unusual appearance. Frog eye salad is like the dessert salad rendition of classic nostalgia. First, cook the pasta according the to package direction. Praise the Lord. It doesn’t take too long to make, the They even request it by asking for the Fish Eye Salad--hence the name! It took them a while to convince them that there were no fish eyes in the salad and now they love this treat. See more ideas about Dessert salads, Fruit salad recipes, Dessert recipes. You know what, forget everything you know about frogs, too, while you’re at it. If you use something other than this teeny, pearl shaped pasta, you run the risk of a heavier salad or an overwhelming pasta taste. Two 8-ounce cans pineapple tidbits. Your email address will not be published. There are so many fun variations! Frog Eye Salad (or as it’s sometimes pronounced “Frogged Eyed Salad”) is more of a dessert , or a side dish than a salad.

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