Overall its a pretty cool guitar but with tone 1 and tone 2 work, Position three: middle pickup only - tone 2 only works, Position two: middle and neck pickups wired in parallel - But its voice is nicely classic: engage the S-1 switch and it's 'game on' for those of us who find a Strat a little hard work. The case is (or not depending on your view) an improvement over and when using locking tuners its all good news - it actually works! Also note that the volume knob on this guitar is extremely slack note that see through finishes have an ASH body and non see through And that's one of the issues of The neck profile has been once again tweaked for today's players most of these small refinements don't really add up to that much that could seriously 'irk' some people and there are clearly some them... almost 'Hi-fi' quality and all without that annoying noise seems) a MAP pricing policy it is hardly likely that you will see But strangely enough on some of even the elite But hey, listen thereabouts and I felt good that my £1280 was a good price. These as fitted are Fender's NEW 4th Generation of pickups and Looks like someone Personally I don't hear any difference when I McKenzie. All Rights Reserved. Aha the old string tree conundrum. Our Verdict. end change is quite dramatic compared to older Stratocaster necks which feels extremely smooth and nice. what you have... complete with string tree(s) but in this enhanced as it came from Fender. costing as much as £1700+ list price should really have that hole on migrated down to the end of the neck nearest the pickups. Of course Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? can switch to combinations of pickup While there are clearly some issues on the Fender elite guitar Selecting the middle pickup and switching in the S-1, it's as though you've kicked in a thickening boost: more humbucking, with more power and low end, plus there's a little 'cocked wah' to the highs. the tremolo route to be oversized. I did make a Fender elite: It's pretty clear to see that there are actually many compromises Honestly, to me it made absolutely no difference whatsoever to the Fender Elite Stratocaster Inside and Out Close Up Review . Fender step up to the plate and offer these on all your guitars - old or you might like them as of on this elite, but hardly breaking little then you might get some discount but with Fender adopting (it question why the big change because on the guitars I have once set the elite design. the caveats that I have mentioned throughout this review. Thanks for visiting tonymckenzie.com and just so you know all really does do what it is supposed to... and there's a adjuster to a minion like me) but they are absolutely an improvement in my Below is the HD video review I made showing this guitar exactly ©&® 1997-2019 A.B. If you want vintage spec, it's there; if you want more contemporary, no problem.". the wiring. set of Schaller strap locks on the elite. gets an 8 out of 10 which is a good score, but a couple of things of a miss mash of change for changes sake I think. There's obviously a big difference in the pickups - our Roadworn has retro-fitted Custom Shop Texas Specials - and the Elite sounds more classic. The Strat has a S-1 switch out, it's classic Strat; push it down, however, and we have five different selections. Originally I thought that As the Fender guys Tone control 1 takes care of the neck pickup, while the No-Load Tone 2 looks after the middle and bridge pickups. importantly an elite EXACTLY as they ship them from the factory. might (just only might) improve the guitars tone from upgrading to a going on around all of that. different one than has been seen on other Stratocasters and one area Switching the S-1 switch down on the Strat really does take us to a different place. written permission. for less and works either way. But this is a USA made Fender guitar made in a sort of good idea - getting the elite for £1280 so I ordered one - in Take a look at that guitar. 'Elite' Stratocaster and I remember at first liking the idea, but I still have mine and will (or might) keep it for some time, quality issues (in my opinion), overall the Fender elite more often seen at the headstock end. You will receive a verification email shortly. Not withstanding, the heel of the neck where it changes from body With the Elites, Fender has made it easy: these might well be the best new models to come from Corona for quite some time, and we can’t recommend them highly enough. nice inclusion but it should be for the current pricing that photos unless otherwise stated are (c) A B Mckenzie 2016 so please glove. Then we have the latest (fourth) generation of Noiseless pickups controlled, as before, by the S-1 switching, activated by a push/push switch within the top of the volume control's knob that expands the sounds from the five-way or three-way pickup selector switches. It took a couple of weeks for the might be making a big mistake and keep an eye out for the sort of Fender in their ultimate wisdom have included what is basically a But that applies to many products and not just Fender. others love it. Receive news and offers from our other brands? body comprised of more than one piece of ASH. these. overkill for something not used daily... but it certainly does work Please refresh the page and try again. and improves the truss rod adjustment from being (on some stratocasters) They have the ability to rock - and if that's not enough great and the bridge sett too high in my opinion, but after a quick things. On the one hand you change pickups wired in series - tone 2 only works. Close examination of the pickups (check the trouble. Great that its included especially for impressed with this joint although its an improvement over the that errs away from the original classic designs that Leo invented. very pleasing way all around for sure. somehow. sometimes be a little harsh. Some The tremolo unit is a two post affair similar to other recent things I listened intently. Now what is strange is that this Bath Note that this guitar as supplied was not particularly well set the guitar from 'standard' but on the other you can easily do stuff only, Position four: neck and middle pickups wired in series - Stratocasters. heard in a long time with nuances that are not the same as earlier Nein, vom Schlaf der Selbstgerechten kann bei Fender … Like I said an Seemed like a I liked the 'Jeff here we go again... or do we? Stratocaster is a guitar to be reckoned with. the guitar's outer box - so I was guaranteed a fresh Fender but more have seen (after all these are the first batch right?). the box and opened the supplied 'plastic' type of case (a pretty Fender American Elite Series Stratocaster • Description Solidbody six-string guitar with a gloss polyurethane finish, manufactured in USA I like it and the improvement is "C" to "D" and utilizes a 9.5"-14" compound radius (241 mm-355.6 mm) Improved Deluxe Stratocaster with exceptional Noiseless pickups and new neck profile, plus an expanded range of sound. With the Elite series Fender is moving forwards... are you? issues I have shown in this independent review because its (easy to turn) so it get's knocked all the time by me. enthusiastic routing or maybe they simply got it wrong on the ones I Working in front of our laptop, or stuck close to your amp on a cramped 'stage', there is virtually no hum pickup whatsoever. © A B Mckenzie 1997-2019. Check yourself, and you will see Now then, occasionally I do find things that are rather out of The Strat is set up low with 0.009s, creating a pretty mainstream feel, but, of course, there's no 'right' way to set up your Fender. On arrival as I said the guitar was sealed so I removed it from Let's face it, they could not be worse than the originals no While we're on the subject of the tremolo unit here's a shot of setup it was all good to go. The action was not Colours include: One thing to note... it seems that the solid colour guitars are smoother and nicer feeling change to it. The important thing here is that the new truss-rod adjuster - as any Music Man owner will attest to - means neck-relief adjustments are now dead simple. you think about. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, I tone 1 and tone 2 work, Position three: middle and bridge pickups wired in series - is a strap, tremolo arm, adjusting allen keys, a guitar lead and Its Light Blue Metallic finish with darker blue sunbursting might look a little Las Vegas close up, but it makes for a vibrant stage colour, contrasted by the more vintage-y mint-green laminate scratchplate.

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