The tracking is used to ensure that the offender attends all court-mandated sanctions such as mandatory counselling and community service. A key characteristic of any program is that it requires additional resources. A successful prevention program adopted by the criminal justice system is day reporting. The findings discuss, in depth, the effects on the three themes mentioned above once these prevention strategies were implemented. Mackey and Levan (2012) state that the prison stay shocks the offender into adopting good behavior and this reduces recidivism. Primary research was not conducted as that would have been a more advanced project and is not part of the academic requirement for an undergraduate level. The program tries to frighten the offender into staying away from crime by instilling uncertainty about whether he/she will be imprisoned again. This is done with the aim of decreasing the likelihood that they will re-offend once they are released from prison. Criminal justice and crime prevention. In order to effectively reduce crime, relationships between communities and local authorities need to be addressed. Today, schools together with police and community-based workers are aiming to provide the expertise to help create crime prevention programs for juveniles. These programs have significant advantages as they enable the offender to continue playing an active role in the society even as he/she experiences some punishment in the form of limited movement. ... most people by reporting the problems to police can play an indispensable role in crime-prevention activities. It talks about a range of different types of prevention strategies that are used to reduce or minimise crime targeted areas or fields. Retrieved October 10, 2020, from, Save Time On Research and Writing. Let a Professional Writer Help You, © New York Essays 2020. Crime prevention is one of the major goals of a good criminal justice system. In this program, offenders are fitted with permanent ankle bracelets that have a radio-frequency transmitter. Hire a Professional to Get Your 100% Plagiarism Free Paper. Here they share material to aid offenders in their search for employment after they are released. The focus of this paper will be based upon different crime prevention strategies implemented by members of the communities, local and government authorities. Literature Review Many areas are now trying to implement community crime prevention in order to get citizens more involved in reducing or preventing crime in their neighbourhoods. Youth/ juvenile violence, 2. It is suggested by Australian Institute of Criminology (2011) that first and foremost the government can help to minimise crime, “Governments can address factors that influence the opportunities for crime to occur through its various responsibilities in areas such as managing public space and building design, providing community recreational services and developing policies that affect local businesses and urban development processes. We used heat shock in order to make the bacteria capable to uptake a plasmid in the presence of calcium ions that help disrupt the cell membrane (heat shock is the combination of altering hot and cold). One main strategy is connecting the citizens to the criminals. The criminal justice system plays a crucial role in crime prevention since known offenders are likely to continue engaging in criminal behavior if no action is taken to control this. Others engage in criminal activities to obtain money to fund their drug habits. It also may create a siege mentality, isolating individuals and families. Mackey and Levan (2012) observe that the offender remains rooted in his/her community where he/she is able to work, stay with his/her family and receive social services. By definition, crime prevention is the collection of activities undertaken to reduce the occurrence of criminal behavior (Mackey & Levan, 2012). All these extracurricular activities will give youth less time to consider committing crimes and more time to become involved in the community. A Flair for the Dramatic/Selfish Machines by Pierce the Veil. While at the facility, the offender is required to spend some time participating in activities such as counseling, social skills training and job training (Mackey & Levan, 2012). When I sleep at night, there are at least three lights on. He then further states that complaints, of disturbances, made to the police are not always filed. Mohr (2013) observes that this rehabilitation effort aids in the re-entry of inmates by ensuring that they are able to easily find employment and therefore make a living when outside the prison. Are You on a Short Deadline? The literature review discusses the three main themes found in the allocated articles relating to community crime prevention. The work skills provided give the offenders the skills needed to obtain a job and therefore earn a living in a legitimate manner. The scholarly articles were beneficial to this task as the composers of these articles had conducted detailed research themselves, allowing their information to support the point being made in this task. The paper has discussed rehabilitation, which is meant to restore offenders to normal life after they have served their sentence. Conclusion; References; We will write a custom Essay on Approaches to Crime Prevention specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. A family-centered approach is emphasized on to ensure that the individual has a good natural support system. Drug users are known to engage in crime because of their altered state of mind. Ward (1997, p. 5) also proves this as “(a)lmost all residents and business owners interviewed either formally or informally owned guns and kept them nearby, ready for use. Such programs involve having the offender engage in meaningful activity for up to 10 hours each day. In the fairs, community agencies, potential employers and employment agencies are invited to the prison. By doing so they are reducing the reoccurrence of the themes in crime prevention mentioned above. Programs are therefore developed to make the transition from the life in prison to a free life less shocking for the inmate. Access to libraries and the internet were vital in achieving this task. This system is known as the criminal justice system and its major role is to deliver justice by punishing offenders and deterring people from committing crimes. While some of these offenders are social users, others are addicts who have developed a chemical dependency due to using the drugs for a long time. On the other hand, diversions such as sporting activities or after school programs need to be created. Studies show that people with higher levels of wealth and quality of life are more likely to cooperate with police as they have more to lose. Corrections Today, 75(4), 28-31. The methods used to acquire the information contained in this research report are also described below. More communities should be encouraged to implement more strategies involving their citizens. The results of the first theme, youth/juvenile violence, found that this violence originated from childhood behaviours and therefore should be addressed at these early stages.

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