Tokyo Apartments for Rent - Real Estate Japan. Airport PICKUP service Available. Year Built 2018. This site uses cookies to provide, protect and improve our service. These apartments will be nearby the university, or with good public transportation links to the campus. Private Guesthouse. However, student housing in Tokyo is trying to combat its expensive reputation through university run accommodation such as the Yamasa Institute, providing student residences in tokyo for reasonable rates. There are cheaper, local residential neighborhoods, but Japanese architecture, especially in terms of room size, is much smaller than typical European rooms and living spaces. Tokyo apartments for rent are some of the most expensive in Asia due to the high demand and limited space inside the city center. The rent in Tokyo might change in between 123,536 JPY and 123,536 JPY. building & construction proposal, and walk). The capital’s size means that across the 23 different districts, prices vary from very high to not so bad, depending on how close to the center you are. A great way to save money and not live too far outside of the central zone is to find a room for rent in Tokyo. Japan. Monthly Costs ¥140,000. Although sizes may vary depending on your selection of bedrooms,Tokyo apartment is start from 11m² and could go up to 100m². Tokyo is a very developed metropolis, and this is reflected in its properties. There are also many private apartments catering for groups of students. Size 0.00 m². Key Money ¥0. Another reason to consider finding a cheap room for rent in Tokyo is that it allows you to live in areas such as Hiroo or Ebisu relatively cheaply, where as affording an entire apartment in these neighborhoods would be much, much more per month. Deposit ¥0. Tokyo is the world’s largest city, the sprawling metropolis is home to over 13 million people, incredible food and advanced technology. to overseas investors. For Rent. The rent is split between each tenant and you pay based on how large or small your room is. There are good international schools and great transport links into the downtown district of Tokyo. Available Now. Suginami-ku, Tokyo. Monthly Costs ¥115,000. For those students that feel as though they want more independence in their living situation. For Rent. Nearest Station Hakusan Station (5 min. Count on us for selecting land, The heavy number of expats here mean that there are a lot of properties designed with international tenants in mind. walk) Tokyo apartments are generally small by European standards, and expensive, even by European standards too. Tokyo's population count might make things slightly difficult for new comers to find a place when they first move in. Many of the buildings also have a 24 hour reception desk and security on site. We suggest that you use Nestpick's smart tool to look for your new home, as well as if you are a student reach out to your school's counsiling to find a rental in Tokyo. Spacious furnished apartments and houses for expats and families returning to Japan. Some of the main area with serviced and furnished apartments in Tokyo include Hiroo, Azabu and Ebisu. Floor 2 / 9F. Compare to other big cities in Japan, rent in Tokyo is relatively reasonable. In the higher end building complexes and Tokyo’s luxury serviced apartments, the facilities will include a swimming pool, gym and sauna for residents to use. The institute provides all the furnishings and homeware that students will need, removing the cost of finding these items. Furnished and serviced apartments in Tokyo are numerous, across many different districts that all provide suitable accommodation for expats. The mega city hold so many people yet is not a massive city by area, thus developers decided to build upwards to house the city’s population. Available Now. in Shimotakaido. Be aware, these serviced apartments for rent in Tokyo will charge a premium price and these services will the factored into the monthly rent. at 6:30 PM JST. All of the utilities and bills are including in the monthly rent per room so there are no surprises and the rent is the same each month. Serviced apartments in Tokyo Japan are some of the most expensive options due to the services that these apartments provide. The average rental price in Tokyo for apartments are in between 123,536 JPY and 123,536 JPY. asset management. It is also a great way to meet fellow expats or locals working and living in the city. Discounted 2-week rates. Expats choosing to move to a monthly apartment in Tokyo should be aware of the very fast pace of life and the importance of work in the social structure of the city. Utilities and things like wifi are also split between each tenant, again saving everyone money. Japan. Tokyo apartments for foreigners in Minato-ku are very popular with expats and expat families because of international schools and properties designed in a European style, making it more convenient for international families. Tokyo. UNINEST GK. Welcome to Nestpick. Anyone is looking for accommodation can rent an apartment in Tokyo as long as they are +18 years old. Monthly Costs ¥140,000. Another central area is Hiroo, it has traditionally been home of many European Embassies, thus diplomats and their families have typically live in Hiroo and surrounding areas. With 23 different districts of the city, Tokyo’s diversity and size accommodates many different types of people with different priorities when it comes to housing. Tokyo is an expensive place to live. This is especially important to sociable people moving to Tokyo who do not know anyone. It is also a very good way in which to meet fellow international or locals students also living and studying in the city. By grouping lts of students together they have created a community feeling within the building and this is invaluable in such a vast metropolis such as Tokyo. Short to long-term rental. Suginami-ku, Tokyo. in Shimotakaido. They are often in modern buildings with plenty of natural light and are built to a high standard. We provide the local investment information If you do not mind sharing things like a living room and kitchen, then a shared apartment is the option for you. Webinar will be hosted online, but seats are limited. The benefit of finding a shared apartment with a room for rent in Tokyo, japan is that they are much cheaper than renting an entire apartment yourself. UNINEST GK. Private Guesthouse. Tokyo apartments for rent from 50,157 JPY per month Find & compare 1336 cheap furnished Tokyo apartments, rooms & flats for rent in Tokyo monthly and short-long term! Japan has a high cost of living, and Tokyo has the highest cost of living in the country. December 1 (Tue.) English Support with ¥0 Deposit & ¥0 Key Money! Nishishinjuku Go Choume Station (1 min. The city is vast and overwhelming to first time visitors, and it can cost a lot to live here. Tokyo may seem like an expensive option for studying. Many apartments in Tokyo's downtown neighborhoods like Minato-ku and Shibuya-ku are very expensive due to so many people working in downtown and desiring a quick and easy commute to work, rather than travel an hour by train every morning and evening. Available Now. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our. As Tokyo is a very congested city, the fact that many of Tokyo’s furnished apartment blocks offer underground parking is a massive bonus. The easy way to rent an apartment in Japan.

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