TUITION $50,000 (undergrad); $52,479 (graduate), ALUMNI Jon Alston, Lisa Joy, Sarah Naftalis. The School of Communications offers undergrad degrees in radio, TV and film, with specialties in writing, acting, directing and — rim shot — comedy. ", TUITION $21,633 (undergrad, out-of-state); $33,022 (grad, out-of-state), ALUMNI Marvel Studios vp production and development Stephen Broussard, Fear the Walking Dead's Kelsey Scott. CSU schools like Northridge are less concerned with research and rankings, and more focused on providing an affordable public good. California State University--Northridge Rankings. The ranking compares the top film schools and photography programs in the U.S. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. ", TUITION $49,550 (undergrad); $39,720 (graduate), ALUMNI Barbara Broccoli, Emily Spivey, Patricia Whitcher. And the school continues to churn out class after class of top-notch screenwriters, most recently Pose creator Steven Canals ('15) and Gaia Violo ('15), whose student project Absentia became an Amazon series. Producer Melissa Rosenberg (Marvel's Jessica Jones) says that when she graduated from the producing program in 1990, she was one of only four women in a class of 25. There's been some money spent on new hires, too; experimental media artist Rosa Park and sound designer Bethany Sparks have joined the faculty. 9 last year), where cinema scholar Jeanine Basinger is getting her own building on the campus next year, it's all about history, subtext and auteur theory. The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. Privacy Policy | Still, Rosenberg returns to school two or three times a year to give female students encouragement. TUITION $37,575 (undergrad), $38,475 (graduate), ALUMNI Stuntman Clayton Haskell, Rocksauce Studios founders Steven Walker, Q Manning and Peter Yoder. The school boasts a curriculum that is "oriented around the notion that theory and practice should be closely intertwined," says. AdChoices | The school could do better with minority scholarships, but it has made strides in recruiting female leaders (Kathleen Kennedy just joined the board as chair) and in gender diversity: Next year's graduating class will be 55 percent female. In fact, the festival has been such a hit, SCAD has been launching spinoffs, like AnimationFest, GamingFest and a TVfest. "We can say [to the studios], 'Come play with us, because this is the generation that is going to be creating content. But it turns out Basinger, 83, isn't the only beloved longtime professor at the school. "This ranking continues to give a stamp that CSUN is among the most reputable film schools sending qualified graduates into the workplace. San Francisco State University and CSU Northridge were recognized among the 25 best U.S. film schools by The Hollywood Reporter. ", TUITION $16,246 (undergrad, in-state); $46,000 (undergrad, out-of-state); $29,520 (graduate, in-state); $41,765 (graduate out-of-state), ALUMNI Ava DuVernay, Alex Gibney, Marielle Heller, David Koepp, Frank Marshall. The upstate New York school offers both undergrad and graduate study-abroad options in London, Berlin and Florence as well as a semester-long course in 35mm filmmaking at the famed FAMU in Prague. "Helping filmmakers find [their] vision is what ArtCenter does incredibly well," Snyder says. Just because you're going to Syracuse doesn't mean you have to stay in Syracuse. Half the money will go to scholarships, the other half to fund the UCLA Film & Television Archive, the largest university-based media library in the world. Lauren Miller Rogen ('03), writer and director of Netflix's Like Father, credits the school with teaching her pretty much everything she knows. A recent $2 million grant from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is helping to update the department's facilities and equipment and will provide scholarships for students from underrepresented populations, highlighting the school's commitment to diversity. "AFI prizes practice over theory." Even if you don't learn the secret handshake, Northwestern provides a solid pipeline to Hollywood through groups like Open Television, the school's homegrown development and distribution platform for web-based shows. Daley also instituted a new mandatory class in diversity, but progress in that area already can be seen on USC's Exposition Park campus. All that reporting is then triangulated with other factors — student awards, alum achievement, killer (or not) facilities — to determine the final rankings. Photo courtesy of CSUN's Department of Cinema and Television Arts. But recently, the uptown Ivy League institution has been putting more emphasis on the production side of filmmaking, adding new cameras and lenses to its sprawling two-year-old production center north of the university. The school is working on better interaction between departments, with a new class this spring in which screenwriting faculty will partner with production faculty. TUITION $48,780 (undergrad); $29,160 (graduate), ALUMNI Danny Zuker, producer Lila Yacoub, Sony VFX supervisor Mike Lasker, Five equipment centers around the city dispense cameras and lights for on-location shooting, and there's also the school's 35,000-square-foot media center, complete with two soundstages and a motion-capture studio. ALUMNI Patty Jenkins, David Lynch, Ed Zwick, Sam Esmail, Mimi Leder. San Francisco State University and CSU Northridge were recognized among the 25 best U.S. film schools by The Hollywood Reporter. The school has also started buying new cameras and lenses as well as VR equipment, which "students are very hungry for," says Britta Sjogren, who'll soon be stepping down as director (replaced by film scholar Celine Shimizu in the fall).

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