The girl is sweet, empathetic and ordinary. She wants to be loyal--but fears for her life. Anyways, the sad thing is that people like Sphinx exist in real life. Cadence is frequently described as “shining,” but it may be hard for readers to understand his power over Sphinx—their interactions are notable for his cruel outbursts rather than any charisma. M. Anjelais . However, reading your review, I stand corrected. RELEASE DATE: May 2, 2017. Okay, the cover is super pretty, but while I was reading the synopsis it was like, “what the hell is this?? Though Sphinx is drawn to Cadence’s intelligence and creativity, she is also increasingly aware that he has a personality disorder. Have you seen the hot new releases out this week? Although YA is her current I’ve been hearing the same thing over and over again about this book. Instead, she humanizes them (and their painful contradictions) by including nostalgic images that showcase the love shared among Cady, her two cousins closest in age, and Gat, the Heathcliff-esque figure she has always loved. Summary: Promised to each other before they were born, Cadence and Sphinxie, separated after he deliberately cut her face, are drawn back together at age sixteen, but Cadence is even less stable mentally and Sphinxie, sweet, plain, and attracted to his brilliance, tries to be loyal but fears for her life. This knowing subversion is frustratingly absent from the novel's denouement. Thanks for the warning, because I probably would have tried Breaking Butterflies based on the synopsis. Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry KIRKUS REVIEW. about books, chatting about books, and smelling books. The actual storyline was probably one of the worst I have ever read and it led me to shake my head and laugh out loud while reading it often (and the latter was not for HA-HA reasons, it was for YOU-HAVE-GOT-TO-BE-FUCKING-KIDDING-ME reasons.) Expand Cart. Too bad… it has a pretty cover. I just can’t understand why someone would have written a book about a girl trying to glorify her agressor. ; The utter harshness of Cadence’s character also led me to question other characters in the novel. She is here to pile onto your giant TBRs and to-watch lists. Ummm yeahhhhh… not gonna read this one. by M. Anjelais. influencers in the know since 1933. In the end, this sensational and troubling story about a young woman’s relationship with a sociopath lacks emotional... by This is not the first review I read that tells me to stay away. Loading... Something went wrong. Categories: Seems like a waste of a pretty cover! I’m so not going near this book. TEENS & YOUNG ADULT FICTION | You guys, he literally NEVER did anything nice in this book. Korean-American Lara Jean is finally settled into a nice, complication-free relationship with her white boyfriend, Peter. TEENS & YOUNG ADULT FAMILY | Though increasingly disenchanted with the Sinclair legacy of self-absorption, the four believe family redemption is possible—if they have the courage to act. Cadence and Sphinx’s relationship was preordained by their mothers, also long-standing best friends, who fantasized as young girls that they would grow up to have children who’d marry as adults. Age Range: 14 - 18 BUY NOW FROM. ‧ I mean I am already a little vary of the idea of a sociopath… but the fact that we may or may not be required to sympathize with him in spite of the fact he hasn’t done a single nice thing in the entire book is a little.. troublesome. TEENS & YOUNG ADULT SOCIAL THEMES, by This sounds like a really, really, really unhealthy relationship glorified to be some star-crossed lovers shenanigans.” Aaaand I guess that’s really what it is. eBay > Books > Children & Young Adults > Children & YA Fiction; Share - Breaking Butterflies.

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