Morning Start Farms has egg whites! Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient! Boca Original Vegan Burgers This patty is an insult to burgers, vegetarians, Boca Raton, and according to one BuzzFeed staff member, "the entire human population." We don’t have a lot of variety in veggie foods in the East Texas stores, but I have tried the Morning Star and Boca Vegan patties and, to my taste buds, the Boca Vegan patties win hands down. I thought it was high time to do a head-to-head taste test, so you could know what brand to buy when you have me over for a barbecue. But go all soggy on me and gum up every bite, and you are banished. A symbolic act in support for the ever chic “organic, sustainable, and fresh” movement that Cooking Light loves to shove down my face? I should definitely get some more…although I have a pack of veggie dogs that I bought and never opened. It’s awesome. The best way to grill them, is in tinfoil. Some HTML is OK: link, strong, em. An apple a day? Please select the Tab Content in the Widget Settings. A Delicious Vegan Alternative These juicy BOCA vegan veggie burgers contain 13 grams of protein per serving. Each burger contains 70 calories. Yet for retailing at about $1.00 per 99 gram ‘burger’ these things ain’t cheap, and I’d probably be better off just eating some funky smelling deli meat in the back of my fridge. You can’t go wrong. To be 100% honest with you I thought these things bordered on “decent” after some time in the microwave and after being dressed up to my own specifications. What this has to do with a burger, I can't say. Learn more on our Terms of Use page. They've definitely graduated from the lackluster vegetarian burgers I used to buy back in Berkeley, circa 1985. The texture is more of mushrooms and grain than soy. We thought it was probably best to start with a real classic, the All American Flame Grilled Veggie Burgers.. Gardenburger Originals: Many folks associate this with the iconic "veggie burger." Gift Card Giveaway Time,, Design and Development of this Wordpress Theme by Josh Christopherson. I dont know how much hot sauce would help you here. I give the nod to Gardenburger but choose Boca if you need vegan. Boca Burgers Original Vegan: Though a little dryer than Gardenburger, it has a mild and pleasant taste. Banished I say. I give the nod to Gardenburger but choose Boca if you need vegan. This patty, cooked in a skillet like all of the others, was spectacularly mushy, which in my book is unforgivable. I’m sure the fine folks at A Hamburger Today are in utter shock right about now. In case you missed it, I already reviewed the Boca Original Vegan ‘Burger’ in this past weekend’s throwdown, and frankly I came out unimpressed with the meatless alternative when comparing it head-to-head to the genuine article. …and Adam…you know me, I love those references! Veggie burger Ratings Get your hands on a great-tasting veggie burger. Haha, well if you smoother you foods in sauces/condiments of course it’ll taste least as good as the sauce. I wonder what I was thinking with that? Just sit there on the bun, tasting bland but providing a toothsome counterpoint to the condiments and we can get along. Here we taste test the Boca Original Veggie Burger! I know I haven't eaten a real burger in a long time but these take me right back to the fast-food experience of my youth. Going to pick some up on the way home today. Texture really is the critical element that makes a successful veggie burger. Review: Boca Original Vegan Burger. What an interesting concept. Morningstar Farms Grillers: These were my hands-down favorite. The Boca brand offers instructive examples: We put the classic Boca Burger in the meat-analogue-burgers category, as it appears to be, in appearance, texture, and flavor, a meatless approximation of a burger.

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