The blood parrot in the video is trying to find a safe place to rest, away from other cichlids. My current Syrian hamster (Misty) is living in the IKEA Detolf with lots of toys and houses. We are talking about the blood parrot cichlid of which you will know everything in this post. Scientific Name : none, a Hybrid Cichlid. He's claimed a broken pot and chases off anyone who gets close, while she usually stays at the back of the pot or doesn't venture far. The young have a greenish color as a base that changes to yellow after that. What Size Needed? She was docile when I got her but not anymore. -Mine lives alone now, and no, he’s not affectionate. Sunken foods are easier to eat than floating foods; most owners report bloodworms and live brine shrimp as the favorite food of Blood parrot cichlids. depending on the mood of the fish, there may be eight horizontal stripes on the sides, which will be more or less marked. If there are small fish, he will chase and harass them but without hurting them, since having a deformed mouth is harmless. Es ist möglich, dass Blood Parrots mit Farbunstimmigkeiten gefunden werden, wie zum Beispiel solche, die Kleckse in weiß oder schwarz aufweisen. It should be kept only with peaceful fish. The following are the most common health problems in blood parrot cichlids: Usually confused with Neascus (black spot disease), the Blood parrot cichlids sometimes generates stress points that are black spots on the body or fins which is caused by stress. They are often called Bumbblegum Parrot or jellybean parrot  fish, but they are simply common parrot fish.. *Awarded Answer He is now about 4 1/2 inches long, bright orange and seems to be in good health. it’s considered a fish of popular aquarium in Europe and the USA. In tropical South America, where the species resides naturally, specimens are often found for sale as food in local markets, the fish has been introduced in other areas, including China, Australia and the United States. Do these fish ever get aggressive with other fish? This is s a fish whose uniqueness lies in its deformity, something that paradoxically, some fans find attractive. It’s very important to mention that between 20 and 25% of the water should be replaced weekly. He started swimming all over the tank and didn’t stop swimming for an entire day. Care Level : Moderate. It’s very important to point out that bloody parrot fish mustn’t be confused with the freshwater parrot ciclids (Hoplarchus  Psittacus). It typically occurs when it’s brought home, but it can also appear in cases of shyness, intimidation, breeding, disease, or sometimes only appear without an explanation. When this situation occurs, the fish shows an abnormal swimming pattern, can even float upside down or appear to be stuck on the surface of the water. Breeding : Males are usually infertile. In terms of size they measure around 20 centimeters, and the male has finer and larger dorsal fins, while the females have shorter and rounded dorsal fins. We invite you to read our article oscar fish to learn about these stunning fish. On the other hand, amputation is perhaps the worst and most inhuman method of cosmetic surgery of the fish, its victims are usually the blood parrot fish and the Flowerhorn, the tail of the fish is cut with scissors at an early age as the body and produces a kind of «heart» shape. She got us these tiny bowls because she said that’s all they needed and we put rocks and one plant in them. It’s a very curious and sociable fish. -I have one who killed his own kind, and anything I put with him. Can they be completely solo? Size : 8" (20 cm) pH : 6.5 - 7.0. I’ve had him for 7 yrs, and he’s never been sick, has perfect fins, and eats anything. I have one in my tank but he is pretty docile and keeps to himself. Place the fish in the Epsom salt bath for 20-30 minutes, it can be done twice a day, but it should only be done as a last resort. Mine attacks me, which I don’t find cute. Many in the fish trade refer to Blood Parrot Cichlids as a semi-aggressive species. With regard to the dwarf parrot fish, compatibility between both species is possible thanks to the similarity of their lifestyles. Some have certain abnormalities in the eyes, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the specimens. That’s so sweet as for water quality I’m pretty good at keeping things under good conditions. It’s quite recomended   not to use ornaments or weak plants, since he usually removes and digs the substrate, which can be gravel or sand, but the most common is that they carry out large excavations.

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