Finally 100%! > PS3 Games > Disc-Based PS3 Games > B (PS3) > Bioshock Infinite (PS3) > Clash in the Clouds Easy (Glitched) way to get Blue Ribbon Champ User Name Waves 11 - 15: Most are fairly easy but like stated if you die on a wave you have to start from wave 1. Blue Ribbon Champ is an achievement in BioShock Infinite. Emporia Arcade - Waves 13 -15: It is best if you wait until you have everything upgraded, therefore making this a lot easier. You do this from the door before the wave in the lobby. Sorry for any inconvenience to those who had no visual aid and hopefully this youtuber (. So I'm only missing 3 ribbons for the achievement waves 11-13 on emporia. What would it be worth if everyone could do it. Guide not helping? Love how I proudly got 1000G on this game but refuse to fully complete this tedious wav/e game filler garbage. I had about 20 ribbons done, … Is anyone else having trouble doing the ribbon on wave 5 on emporia. These were easier than Duke and Dimwit in our opinion. 4 maps, 15 Blue Ribbons on each. 5. #37 I found that if you undertow some off the gazebo, crow them, undertown some more and crow the lot you'll get 5 people in a group. I can not seem to get the last few blue ribbons. @Gustertote Would hate to have one where you can only get kills by knocking people off the map with Bronco. B. It's also a good idea to buy a resurrection before the wave you are going to focus on. Wave 8 - Defeat all enemies using only Tears; Possession Traps; and Return to Sender traps This achievement is so dumb. They need to make it so either: Also the one were u have to kill both handyman while they are distracted by a decoy. Waves 12-14: This is the only one i need from this DLC now, so annoying to do. Does anybody understand how to get the one on Emporia to get kills with traps from people riding on skylines? It is worth 30 points and can be received for: In CitC, completed all Blue Ribbon Challenges. Wave 1 - Defeat the wave using Sky-Line strikes only ah well 100 percent with every cheevo except this one. I'm only missing 12 ribbons in all I enjoy a challenge every now and again 385 ratings. Not even started on the Emporium or whatever it's called. But for now: Tis going to be hard..... "if you die trying to do the challenge on wave 15 you have to start from wave one !" Both were on Emporia (7 and 13). Do you have to hit them as they're falling off? AN FYI-If you buy the one-time reincarnation, it will NOT fail on a challenge when you die. Waves 1 to 4: The new videos are better and have a link that takes you to a playlist of each challenge for the "arena/theater" so that you may have a visual of what to do. I've got all of them except for 2 which is to kill people riding sky lines and the 2 damned handymen shocking the line, I seem to always accidently kill one off it. Please post it in the, BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360) Achievements. Bioshock Infinite (PS4) Trophies. Xbox Achievements is not affiliated with Microsoft or Xbox, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. the links are right below the description for each "arena." @22 I haven't bought this dlc yet because it really doesn't sound fun, now I'm a little pissed. Done thr first 2 arenas now on the Raven's Dome. However, at the society, I am still missing one ribbon. Do you have a question about this achievement? *EDIT*: It has come to my attention that almost all the videos on this guide do not properly work anymore. There are 4 stages to complete 15 waves on. 1 Requirements 2 Notes 3 Strategy 4 Behind the Scenes The player will have to complete all of the Blue Ribbon Challenges. One more bumper post, with all vids, for all Blue Ribbon challenges: One of the Blue Ribbon Challenges. Once they died the round complete notice came up and I quickly pressed X to go back to the map and the achievement popped. The only way to complete the challenges is to get them done the first time. You are also shown before you start the wave. The guide is essentially finished, but I'll still be updating it based on reader feedback. Wave 7 of Emporia Arcade, kill 2 enemies with the fireman suicide attack. Keep them coming! Only achievement I need and it's so repetitive and frustrating.. Could not have done this without the guides thanks to all who created guides for this cheevo. 100% again! Make sure you pick up the Hail Fire before you start the wave. Hahaha, not the way I would have phrased it, but I'm with ya. Waves 1-4: Duke and Dimwit's Theater - #2 I believe there are 60 different challenges, 15 on each map. My god these ones were tough. Finally got this. Waves 5 to 10: Wave 15: Wave 5 - Defeat the wave using only the pistol and hand cannon Emporia Arcade - i wish for 100% completion for this game up to chistmas... :( is that something you can wish for santa? Blue Ribbon Champ trophy in BioShock Infinite (PS3) Blue Ribbon Champ. Now you can copy renamed save and paste it onto the game save folder, and overwrite your save. Phiza9517,735. Waves 9-11 It's definitely hard, but it's not impossible. I can't get it using only 1, and the second one doesn't kill 5 of them either, Ok for the emporia one, the one were you have to kill enemies who are riding the skyline with traps. BioShock Infinite > Guides > Dinerenblanc - Psych's Guides .

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