I’m so glad you let us know about the different kinds of salts! That is such a fun idea Jill. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. From what I’ve read Prague powder is a pink smoking salt. It gets its color from nitrates…. Thanks for a great recipe! I took the foil off when cooked and let them bake a little more to get all fat drained off. Love your blog and keep up the good work. We usually add 1 tsp of poultry seasoning per pound of ground turkey to enhance the flavor when using it as a substitute for beef. Line the roasting pan with aluminum foil before baking for quick cleanup. But would like to make it with ground chicken. No. Salt peter has been mined since before written history. So what happened?? This is a wonderful recipe I keep it made and in the freezer all the time. I’m smoking mind now but curious about the quantity of curing salt. I made these today (haven’t tried eating them yet); however, mine look terrible! Liquid smoke is salty as the curing salt already is. Happy Fall! of meat. t tender quick salt a preservative? Have fun making it with your kids! Ive made it for the last 50 years and it was old when I got it. No. Afterwards I figured out that 1/4 cup of Morten’s Tender Quick weighs 2 oz. Hi It’s also delicious with mustard sauce for dipping. Yikes! I’m glad you are enjoying the beef sticks, Rick! The sausages hold their shape while being cooked, similar to how a hamburger would. Let me know how it goes! I say you can’t ever go wrong with more cheese though! To keep sausage in the freezer. My family raises beef and we always have a few freezers full of it so I’ve always used beef. Serve it with all different kinds of cheese and crackers for a quick and easy appetizer, or pack it in lunches for a fun alternative to sandwiches! Bill, I’m not sure what the difference is in prague powder and Mortens tender quick salt so I don’t know how to adjust portions. I’m going to try it soon. In fact you might be putting your family at more risk because many of the studies conclude that if nitrites and nitrate were outlawed the incidence of food poisoning and botulism would increase. This will take the chill off of them so that they cook more evenly. In fact, if I know we aren’t going to eat all four sticks right away, I always stick them in the freezer. Hi Amy! Thanks for sharing! I think moderation and common sense are the keys! Add garlic salt, cracked black pepper, and liquid smoke. • Dried mustard seed is a must! For more tips, like how to make sure you’ve thoroughly combined your meat and seasonings, read on! I love this homemade version because it’s easy, I know exactly what is in it, and it tastes better! I have been making this for years. After 20 minutes (or 40 minutes for larger sausages), pull the pan out of the oven and set it on the stovetop. Besides that I do like controlling what I put in there. It's a perfect healthy party appetizer, snack, or lunch. A few “pro” tips I found that works for me… Thanks for any input you can offer! Be sure to check out my guide to eating cheese too. Shape meat into four sticks, or logs. Since then I’ve experimented with cooking it on my Traeger. The beef one is delicious though and I’d stick with that! Thank you for such an easy recipe. If you happen to stumble across an alternative let me know! Wondering if I start the mix of beef and curing salt in the AM, how many hours should I wait before doing the next step of adding seasonings and shaping and baking the logs? So, if you use another form of salt, I recommend weighing out 2 oz. OMG! I’m not sure how long it keeps in the refrigerator, Bryan. The public just heard nitrite and the word cancer. Great breakfast sausage "fried" in the oven. This recipe looks great. I dont use any extra salt. I’ve had them in my fridge for up to a couple weeks. It's also gluten free, keto, sugar free, and no carb. Or maybe it’s just a difference in taste…I love salt! I was looking around to find one I noticed others use water in their recipes, would you happen to know why? I wish we could find something to use in place of them that is safe. I’ve never used casings to make homemade sausage. I haven’t ever used mahogany casings so I’m not sure how they work. You will need Quick Curing Salt. Thank you for sharing one of my family favorites. of meat or 1 level teaspoon of cure for 5 lbs. I am passionate about catching up with each other at meal times. Wrapped in what? Literally everything is a chemical, save a perfect vacuum. That appears to be going out of fashion in our society. Maybe you will have to try it again and see if you get the same results. Thanks for such an easy recipe that looks so fancy. I’m going to try that in my next batch! It’s a million times better than store-bought too! The shape stayed very well, but You had to turn them every 30 min. Hopefully it’s making a come back because it’s so yummy! Thank you so much. But I’m wondering…..I’ve been purchasing paleo beef sticks (Grass Run Farms) for my family as snack food. In the words of the great sausage maker, Rytek Kutas, sodium nitrate works like an extended-release medication for meats that require very long curing times, like dry cured sausages. Can another salt be used? The Mortens salt is a little hard to find in my small town, but once I find it it always works perfect! My neighbors are always happy when I share it with them too! Make sure you use insta-cure number 2. It’s been a while, but when you use casings, you want to hang them in the oven, so the end that you tied is at the bottom. It works wonderfully! Merry Christmas, D. Mike Collins. I bet all of the seasonings are so savory! My father had a sausage company for many years. When I make beef sticks I usually make lots of them because they last for quite a while. The grease drips out the bottom, or at least is on the end where you can trim it off. Cures are used to: When you say “heaping” amounts of black pepper, garlic and liquid smoke, how much does that come out to as compared to the recipe that you have printed?

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