Boasting a simple yet effective design, a professional appearance, and a great overall level of adjustability; the Evans bass drum pillow is the best choice for drummers of all budgets and ability levels. The art of drum muffling goes a lot deeper than just stuffing a bass drum with a bunch of pillows. The purpose of tuning your bass drum is to use the same fundamental tone as the key of your song. In fact, you can find some large-diaphragm dynamic mics specifically designed to record kick drums. of your kick. Most drummers’ think of muting your drums with mufflers is a way to limit the sound of your drums. As for the batter head, I’ll give you some recommendations that will give you the punchy sound you’re looking for. Using a pillow or a blanket is a common and relatively effective way of muffling your bass drum. Clear heads tend to be more niche in the genres of music you can play, whereas coated heads tend to be more versatile. At least, that's how mine was? Another one of the best bass drum pillows on the market, the Evans EQ Pad Pillow offers fantastic value for money. This pillow has a perfect weight and it’s perfect for both live use and in the recording studio. This bass drum pillow sits lengthways and has two elongated heads that simultaneously muffle both the batter and resonant bass drum heads. So it’s important to weigh your options. Using the pillow in the bass drum will reduce the sustain whilst providing a fatter, more controlled, and punchier tone. If you have an extra pillow or blanket that you don’t think you’ll ever use again, then stick it in your bass drum. For the money, this is the best bass drum pillow available right now. But this is a drum head that I wouldn’t mind putting on my bass drum, and also on my toms as well! For enhanced sonics and a professional appearance, you really can’t go wrong with this bass drum pillow. This is an overall excellent drum head that’ll work for many music genres. You’ll never worry about it again, assuming you attach it right. But my preferred method of getting a muffled, and better, bass drum sound is picking out a good drum head. I’m totally impressed by how effective the KICKPRO kick drum pillow is in operation. I found this pillow helps to bring out the natural tone of any kick drum without choking it too much. Now doing this will improve the sound of the bass drum if all you’re looking for is a muffled sound. Drum Conclusions is the website where I share lessons learned from my experiences in order to help others who can benefit from them and become better drummers. How can you muffle a bass drum? If the pillow is too small, then the muffling will be noticeable, but not as significant compared to a perfect sized pillow. Compress your Bass Drum . Featuring a hinged design, the Evans EQ bass drum pillow puts you in charge of just how much attack and sustain you would like from the kick drum. Being able to add the perfect amount of muffling to any drum to get the best sound from it is a difficult technique – one that all drummers should know. So do you your research and pick according to the tone and sustain you’re looking for. But it’ll give you a very controlled warm sound that is wildly versatile. Check out this post which could help you prevent hearing loss! The drum set was in a rehearsal room, so I wasn’t the only drummer who would use it and therefore couldn’t fix it. Why Do Drummers Play Behind A Glass Or Plastic Screen. He likes to blog, drum, write computer code, and binge watch YouTube videos on his free time. Tuning is a topic of another article. Don’t just attach it to the outside. When I drummed in college, the kit I would play on actually had a foam strip on the outside of the drum on the batter head. I know it’s easier and faster because you don’t have to open up your bass drum, but just do the extra work.

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