Make sure the first ingredient, say parsnip, is the veg you expect to get. If you’re looking to replace your potato chips with a healthier snack, these will work, as they’re lower in sodium and have fibre and protein. 7) Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws, Harvest Snaps Green Pea Snack Crisps and 365 Everyday Value Veggie Chips (tied): These are all good examples of marketing that attempts to create an image of a healthy product while pushing something that, in reality, is just kind of bleh. 1. Health hook: Suitable for vegans, veggies, gluten and dairy-free, plus they are made in the UK in a dedicated 'Free From' site. You get the mouth-watering crunch factor of the beloved junk food minus the junk. Add to List. Veggie chips sound too good to be true, don't they? How to Shop for a Healthy Veggie Chip Because the veggie chip category is so huge and varied, we decided to eliminate white-potato-based chips and corn tortilla chips from the start. For many consumers, veggie chips are a dream-come-true. 13 Abakus Foods Seaweed Crisps Lightly Salted Abakus Foods Not to mention some impressive health benefits. This can be a trap for those looking to make healthier snacking choices—veggie chips tend to have a faux health halo because the average consumer may think they’re eating spinach, beets, or zucchini, when in reality they’re having a combination of starchy vegetables, salt, oil, yes—potatoes, and potato starch. Garden Veggie Crisps. Unless you're maki Veggie chips made from spinach, potato and tomato. Food & Snacks Snack Foods Chips Eatsmart Naturals. Less than half the fat of fried chips 100 calories Gluten Free Cholesterol Free 0 grams saturated fat Ingredients: Potato flour, potato starch, expeller pressed sunflower oil, salt, tomato paste, sea salt, spina Watch the Salt! Share! On the continuum of food health, Snapea Crisps are somewhere between fresh snap peas and potato chips, but they’re MUCH closer to potato chips. Not so fast. Don't be duped by the the word "veggie" in their title. Crispy and salty like potato chips, but made from vegetables, veggie chips might seem like the perfect blend of taste and nutrition. A serving of veggie chips isn't a healthy substitute for fresh, frozen, or even canned veggies. are snapea crisps healthy – the verdict. Bookmark. These healthy chips are a great side to any office lunch. It turns out, many "veggie" chips are mostly potato-based, with veggie powders added for flavor and color.

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