New obstacles and falling objects in each successive round require more and more skill in order to score. Chemistry 1 includes a number of programs which include a symbols and valency test, data table of the elements, enzyme reaction rate, hydrocarbon structures, symbols test, molecular weight determination, titration curves, titration with pH meter, titration graphics simulation, and MgO synthesis. This program originally accompanied the book An Apple for the Teacher: Fundamentals of Instructional Computing. The Abbreviation Game teaches state abbreviations by having you identify the state based upon the abbreviation or doing the opposite and typing in the abbreviation for the state. Colorful groups of bug, moving objects- trucks and ducks, birds and bears, and lots more- reinforce numbers and counting skills. 74 74. 3. All hail Lord British. So you track her to the Dark Woods of I/O Error, where you encounter three hideous beasts and lose your way in the night. Or, just jump right in and tell the computer which organ is affected by angina. It is imperative that the key be found before history is changed forever. Word Spell. Anatomy I by Versa Computing is a review system for basic human anatomy. 74 74. is a single player game which helps you learn how to spell words. Stickybear Typing consists of three games: Stickybear Keypress, Stickybear Thump, and Stickybear Stories. That's because each pair of opposites features lively animation and adorable pictures of unicycles, hot air balloons, bean plants and more. Three different learning activities within the program make it... Develops the basic Spanish vocabulary skills found in the top five Spanish I texts; strengthens Spanish-English usage and understanding. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. In Name the State you must correctly identify the name of the state shown on the screen. Jul 15, 2016 07/16. Virgil, a Greek poet, meets you in your frenzy and tells you that the only way out is through Hell itself. More titles are added frequently, and users are encouraged to donate newly found floppy disk images and programs. While trying to accumulate points, you must duck falling objects and dodge moving ground obstacles that try to rip you. software. The game begins by showing you a list of the 10 words you are going to be quizzed on spelling. In another lifetime when I was a wee child (circa 1981), I recall playing a very simple addition/subtraction game on an Apple II. Get enough problems right and Stickybear gets out of one jam... but into another... And kids practice skills at a pace that's just right for them... because Stickybear Math, the computer automatically advances when the child is ready to try... A fun way to reinforce letter and word recognition so necessary for good reading skills! The Apple II is the most underrated gaming platform of the 1980’s. In the addition part of the game, you started with nothing, and answering correctly would gradually build a rocket/spaceship. Talking Calculator: Type in math problems, and hear numbers & answers in digitized speech! Categories include movies, music potpourri, rock & roll, sports, television, Americana, and "the big mix." From my memory, it looks like Cranston Manor, but the puzzles were more of the math/spelling/words type - maybe logic? Popular Platforms: Apple II, IBM PC, Macintosh Reader Rabbit first taught kids to spell and read in 1986, with a package of educational mini-games for popular computers of the time. After each lesson the game scores your performance. Rational emotive theory, also known as RET, was originally developed by Dr. Albert Ellis, a psychologist in New York City. A press of the letter A on the keyboard brings a bright airplane weaving across the screen. Happy], Treasure Hunter (1984)(Intentional Educations)[cr 1200 Club], Crosscountry Canada (1986)(Didatech)(Disk 1 of 2), Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego side B, Stickybear Opposites (1983)(Optimum Resource)[cr Nova], Stickybear Shapes (1983)(Optimum Resource), Match Maker - Spanish (198x)(American Educational Computer), Chem Lab (1985 Simon and Schuster) side A, Sea Voyagers (198x)(CBS Software)[req keyboard overlay], Muppet Math (1991 Sunburst Communications), Elementary Math Disk #1 (1987)(Computer Using Educators)(FW), Tuts Typer (Roger Wagner Publishing,1984), Advanced Math Graphics (1983)(Dynacomp)(PD), Como Restar Unidades De Medir (1987)(Computer Using Educators)(es)(FW), Muppet Discovery Disk (Koala Henson Sunburst 1984), Lang-Arts Shell Games (1988)(Computer Using Educators)(FW), Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego disk 2, An Apple for the Teacher (1983)(Wadsworth), Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego disk 3, Learning with Fuzzywomp (19xx)(Sierra)[cr Mr. Krac-Man], Teachers Grade Book v1.2.1 (1981)(Dynacomp)(PD). Originally released on the Apple II and published by EA, it went on to be ported to numerous home computers and spawned three sequels and a construction set. Alternative Name: 443b - StickyBear ABC. While you may be to learn some facts based upon this... Have fun discovering the mysteries of the human body with this challenging family game of human anatomy. The program is designed so that you can alter the questions to teach or memorize any history period or subject. This is a Spanish language program giving practice in subtraction with borrowing for 3 mixed units of measure: - Yards and Feet - Feet and Inches - Hours and Minutes Using paper and pencil to solve a problem presented, the student then chooses one of 4 answers shown. Upon selecting a time period you will travel back in time. When I was 3, I had and Apple//e. Special Time Response Monitoring (TRM) software... Stickybear Printer is a sophisticated, easy-to-use graphic design program for designing and printing posters, greeting cards, stationary, etc. Flashing time speeds up or slows down depending on accuracy and speed of response. The player must then choose the same domino from the board. It's easy for youngsters who use Stickybear Shapes to learn to identify the 5 most common shapes- circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and diamond. Syllables! Each time a number of the keyboard is pressed, a new set of objects is displayed on the screen with the corresponding numeral. You can use the space bar to learn to count up and down. It is imperative that the key be found before history is changed forever. The program is designed so that you can alter the questions to teach or memorize any history period or subject.

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