My 2 cents ryanwalters, May 6, 2006 #2. It has a wide range frequency response, and good Maximum Sound Pressure Level for recording stuff like cymbals, hi-hats, and all sorts of instruments that are percussive and high range. If you pull the mic about 2-3 feet away from the hats, you will get a very natural sound from them. We tip our hi hats to this mic … seriously if you haven’t used this mic on your hi hat we suggest you give it a shot. Being a small-diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, the AKG Pro Audio C451 B makes a perfect fit for hi-hat recording. Well if I do use a hi hat mic which isnt very often it is an akg 451, beyer m500 ribbon mic, or you could try the peluso small condenser or josephson small condenser, or shure sm81, my favs out of those are the akg's and the beyer. I've spent many hours practicing to keep the hi-hat at a useful level in my own playing. I rarely mic the hat, but when I do some of the ones that have worked for me when I want to 'capture' the hi-hat AKG 414 Beyer MC 930 but more often, I want something from the hi-hat but I'm not quite getting it in the overheads, then I like to try anything and everything stuff that has worked for me in the past EV RE-10 SM 57 an old Unidyne A look at this hi-hat mic, you will see how classic the body looks, which high-quality materials ensure its durability. Among all its impressive features is the 20 Db roll-off switch, which ensures you gain room before distortion. "I run a Tascam PE-125 Electret Condenser on the hi-hat through whatever pre-amp I have available. Sure, music and singing situations may require a different tool, but for speech tasks this is a great choice. It's already the loudest thing on the set and most drummers play hats to hard anyway. I don't think the hi-hat is as important as most people make it out to be. Hi hat miking is often overlooked or the first mic a mixer ... people, miking the hi hat is often, at best, an afterthought and, at worst, completely ignored. The AKG C636 features a uniform cardioid pattern, designed to accentuate only what it’s meant to, while its design is geared towards reducing the vibrations caused when hand-holding the mic. I constantly am asking drummers to not kill the Hi-Hats. Skip the hat mic, it saves time, track space and headaches. It is a professional instrumental microphone that you can use to record your hi-hat, or any other instrument available. I achieve this by not using a mic on the hi-hat. Its frequency range is full spectrum (20 Hz – 20 kHz) but it’s response is tailored for hi hats, drum overheads, audience mics, acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. The AKG C451 B is a small diaphragm condenser made for this purpose. Sporting an all-metal body and a polar cardioid pickup pattern, this cheap condenser microphone from AKG embodies all the important qualities of a good hi-hat microphone, and it also comes with an adjustable attenuation pad built-in, which can add a 10 dB attenuation in order to damp the volume if you decide to mount your microphone close to the hi-hat.

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